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Michelle Cooked, Michelle Raw


At the age of 29 Michelle Reeves went from 310 pounds to 231 pounds in 1 year. Whoa! Here is an excerpt from an interview with Michelle conducted by Tonya Zavasta in September 2004.

Were you considered beautiful when you were growing up?

I was not happy with my appearance when I started, and honestly weight loss was the motivating factor for starting my raw journey. Now, even though I haven't lost all of the weight I want to lose, I feel very good about my appearance. My self esteem and confidence level is a million times greater than it was. I feel beautiful on the inside and it's beginning to resonate to the outside. When I was very young, before high school, I was not considered beautiful. I was actually quite unattractive, overweight, and awkward. Right before high school, I worked very hard to completely reform my appearance and it worked. Once I started high school, I began to feel attractive, thin, athletic and well....beautiful. I know now, though that that beauty was artificial, because I wasn't focusing on all aspects of health, and certainly not working to attain natural beauty. That is why that beauty did not last and in January 2004, I began the journey to natural beauty, and true self-confidence and appreciation for what "beautiful" really means. I am not where I want to be, but right now, I feel beautiful just the way I am.

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