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The Buddy System

A good percentage of my close friends eat 80% or more of their diet raw. And almost all of them have been eating this way for over 2 years. The general population is often weirded out and intrigued by this all that same time.

First the want to know 'Why': "Why are a bunch of good looking, (I had to toss that in), young males, with no real health issues voluntarily eating healthy?" Secondly, and more importantly, they want to know 'How': "How are they able to do it when I can't even work up the discipline to stop drinking coffee?"

It's really all about the Buddy System. So many people attempt their life goals alone, especially eating raw, and it just doesn't work. Reading is great, support groups are great, coaches are great, but if you don't have a person that you are growing together with on a daily basis then your mind won't be able to bust out of its own conditioning. Having a buddy that serves as your mirror and keeps you accountable really takes this individual journey of health and turns it into something that serves you and others on a much higher level.

Here are some of the activities that you can often find the health entourage doing together:

  • Taking turns preparing meals at each others places
  • Reading the same health or spiritual book and discussing it weekly
  • Trying out new raw food restaurants
  • Talking about the most naturally beautiful women together, (with all this talk of us being so close I just wanted to make sure people didn't start assuming things)
  • Taking trips and retreats together
  • Hosting potlucks
  • Coaching others looking to improve their health, (the best way to learn is to teach).

The great thing about the Buddy System is that a lot of people do this without even noticing it. However, by noticing that a particular system works it becomes easier to produce similar results again and again.

Just remember when buddies, friends, intimate partners, and communities are at their best, all they are simply doing is reducing the individual learning curve and the lag time it takes one to get back on their feet.