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Airport musing from Sarma


I am all wired up in an airport lounge, with computer, ipod, phone… feeling very connected.  I'm on my way to Istanbul… armed with a full bottle of enzymes in my carry-on. People always ask… what do you eat when you're traveling?  How do you stay raw?  The answer is, or at least my answer is, that you do the best you can, take your enzymes and think of it as a time to be flexible and try new things. 

Having a food background, I can be very curious and open-minded, particularly in other countries. I avoid stepping off the raw wagon for anything boring, but will set one foot on the ground for tastes of those foods that are unique to wherever I am, though being moderate, and filling in the gaps with as much salad and fruit as I can. And of course, popping enzyme capsules. One of the things I love about Istanbul (I've been once before) is that all the bars and clubs bring… sliced fruits and vegetables as bar snacks!  A very nice custom, I think, in place of the salty pretzels you would get at any typical bar in the U.S.   

Which brings me to airports in the U.S. and airplane food.  For me, it's not worth eating crap just because I feel hungry.  When flying, or on long car trips, I don't worry too much about trying to load up with raw snacks, and for god's sake, I don't travel with a Vita-Mix!  That was among the sillier things I read in some raw food books - travel with your Vita-Mix.  I'm loaded up with enough stuff, I can't imagine hauling a massive blender overseas.  How embarrassing.  Why not drag my Excalibur too?  Plant my own wheatgrass on the hotel room balcony? 

I'd rather just fast - this is my usual air travel strategy.
  As traveling wears you down enough, it's nice to give yourself a break. Of course, as I type this right now, I'm munching from a bag of goji berries that I swiped from our oneluckyduck.com stock before I left.  It's all because of David Wolfe… he wrote somewhere that you should load up on anti-oxidants to protect against the bodily hazards of flying, and my raw guru friend Doug reminded me of this as well. There apparently may be no better antioxidant source than the lovely goji.  Then there was an article I read a while back in one of the top fashion magazines about fighting cellulite via your diet, quoting a doctor who claimed that there is no better cellulite fighting food than… the goji berry!  This was no raw food, veggie mag either, it was Harper's Bazaar.  When most people have never even heard of goji's, here was a mainstream, high-end fashion magazine writing that gojis fight flab.  At that moment, had it been possible, I would have run out to buy goji futures.  As I see it, they're not just for flying… anytime is goji time.

As I sit snacking on these little dried red berries like a bear (and washing them down with Prosecco - not like a bear), to my right is a very large and fleshy woman eating Lays potato chips, to my left, another (also of the soft and pillowy variety) with a plastic plate full of crackers and scary cheese in foil wrappers.  Neither looks particularly healthy or energized, nor happy, but perhaps that's because we're at an airport.  I want to pull out a handful and offer, “Gojis anyone??  The Ultimate Happy Berry!?” No, they wouldn't think I was weird at all… but I'm happy.  Time to board...