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Down with percentages!


Forget percentages, just be healthy.

Being healthy means being it. You can only "be" right now. Forget what happened last week or what your average percentage of eating raw is over the last year. It doesn't matter at all. What matters is now and what you are doing right at this moment.

The less you identify yourself with your diet, the easier you'll find it to be as healthy as you want. Whatever that means to you.

p.s. You know you love the comic. Don't worry, I'll get better. ;)



I continue to have these cravings for pizza. I try hard to resist, but usually give in. After eating the pizza, I realize what a stupid idea it was to eat the pizza in the first place. Anyone else feel me on this?


ha ha - the comic is hilarious...I wouldn't change up the style at all


The more I release myself from the tyranny of my own perfectionism, the easier it is for me to be raw.


Very well said! Thank you Renee.


Yes, pizza and dip is sooo inticeing and has gotten the better of me sometimes.....but like any other addiction, our brain chemistry takes the best of us and end up feeling like crap and feeling like it just wasn't worth it afterwards, but more and more I am realizing that if I "study" by reading raw material and "train" my mind and preparing yummy meals, then it truely becomes a disire from within rather than what I think that I "should" be doing. I hope that makes sense???
It really is a gradual thing-more and more I'm taking out certain appliances/machines that do not support "raw life-style" and bringing in the ones that do.
It's very exciting to see my own family at home supporting me and needing me to continue--I'm just saying that it is super encourageing to have a spouse who understands and wants the same thing--after all we're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!!!!

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