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Formula Milk = Dumb Babbies

Very interesting article on the effects formula milk has on babies over at youngerthanyourage.com

Newly born mammals are relatively helpless. To ensure optimum development of the baby, mother's milk contains different substances enhancing growth and development of organs. Mother's milk contents differ very much from cow's milk contents (and soy milk contents of course). Logically, the less human infants have been breast-fed, they generally become dumber (1):

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maybe. i also think mothers who bother to breastfeed are also perhaps going to be the ones who tend to be extra thoughtful and conscientious about how they raise their babies. it's like that argument that kids who go to preschool do better in school. i don't know if it's the extra year of napping and eating paste. it's probably that their parents are interested in their schooling. but then, i was never breastfed so what do i know. my poor mom. she feels guilty.


Good points! I def agree.

Vegan Momma

There's a lot of research that has been doin on the benfits of breastfeeding. There are numerous health benefits for the baby and the mom.

I did a lot of research about breastfeeding before my daughter was born. I bought several books on the subject. She's still nursing at two years old. The WHO recommends a minimum of two years nursing. Before my daughter was born I was planning only to breastfeed for 6 months. The more I read on the subject, and the benefits I could clearly see after she was born. I decided to let her nurse until she was ready to quite. These days she mainly nurses when she is tired or wants to be comforted.


is this a joke? you know babies is misppelled, right? in an article about intelligence...?

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