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Guest Blogger Sarma Melngailis

Sarmamelngailis_1I'm happy to announce that the amazingly gorgeous Sarma Melngailis will be taking residency as a guest blogger here at We Like It Raw.

Amongst many other things, Sarma will be sharing her favorite raw recipes, tips on "getting the glow", product recommendations and pointers on how to raise pets raw.

Just in case you've been living under a rock, Sarma is the co-creator of the restaurant Pure Food and Wine and co-author of Raw Food Real World. She is also Cheif Duck at oneluckyduck.com - an online raw / organic boutique.



Yay! Sarma rocks!


awesome. I have such a crush on her.

Carry Duick

It seems like Demi Moore has helped vegan eating style breed another category in which, rich older women strive to sustain their shapes and glows by obsessing with their food. If this Sarma woman is so health-conscious, why does she dye her hair with toxic chemicals? One has to wonder whether she falls into this category of women who are willing to forgo even foods to stay in shape.



Not sure if I understand your logic. Can you explain further.


Where is Sarma, anyway? Is she still doing the guest blog thing here? I miss her pretty, witty self! (Not that you guys aren't pretty and witty too...but we hear from you all the time...haha.) And about the hair dye, I do see your point myn but hey, everyone has their vices. I, too, am a raw foodist who regularly dyes her hair. There are a lot worse things you can do for your health. Also, I don't doubt Sarma's genuine love of raw food for a second - her grounded yet exuberant attitude towards it is infectious!


I eat raw food and drive a car, therefore I am a hypocrite (?)


Sometimes I kiss girls who eat cook food. I guess you'll have to add me to that list too!

See here: http://tinyurl.com/hmefy

p.s. I'm sure they dye their hair too...


Sarma is so beautiful - she is living proof of the Raw Food Lifestyle


the blog views to me with it's NY style bling bling trend trend that serma is quite fond of herself--great, sex does sell, it's true. Is this the message: Eat like serma and you have a sexy glossy image too, key word is image. NY and america is all about image, too bad another shallow shallow consumptive --and not to forget the most important...sexy. yes don't forget women if your not sexy you are not valuable, down to the biology it's only about your womb. keep it flat serma.


The funny thing is if Sarma wasn't good looking you wouldn't have even thought about posting your comment.

Take time to read her posts and you'll see that they come from a place of authenticity rather than hype.

Evelina Desbordes

Dhru, PLEASE get your head out of Sarma's A$$ - it's time to come up for air...don't you think??


Evelina... if my head had to be in someone's ass, better Sarma's then yours...

On a more real note...

I'll stick up for anyone who posts on WLIR. Sarma or the rest of the guys. These are good people and they want to do nothing but share for the purpose of starting a conversation.

We're always open for comments, so I don't mind Teri's comments. But, I do feel she didn't really take time to speak to anything specific.

If she actually read Sarma's posts or anyone else's post, she'd see that our writings are the exact opposite of the "NY style bling bling trend trend".

So if you have something specific to speak to, I welcome your comments as well.

If you want to be a meanie that's cool too. I still love you.


I really do.


Dhru…is that supposed to be a blow?

Teri has just as much of a right to state her opinions as anyone else on this site. She did post a specific comment…it just happened to be something you didn’t want to hear so you decided to respond in an offensively condescending manner. If you say you don’t mind Teri’s comments then why patronize? Who are YOU to choose which comments dignify a “smart ass” response and which ones deserve “praise”?

On another note, I personally feel it is naïve to assume that just because someone creates a post that “seems” to be authentic, that it necessarily is. Again…who are YOU to ask people to accept what is written as gold? I don’t understand how you can say a post written by Sarma (or anyone in this world for that matter) dictates a true representation of that person. You need to grow up. There are a lot of people in this world who appear to be REAL, positive, loving people on the outside, but are true quacks! If you really wanted to be an unbiased Editor, you would shut your mouth and let people post as they wish.


Just wanted to say thanks to sarma for posting with such candor. With the weight issues...i've been there, and know how hard it is. And it's always helpful to hear about what somebody else is experiencing and how they are dealing with it. Sarma - don't feel bad about yourself! It's just biology. And exercise is an amazing thing to get into, so good luck. I'd be very interested to hear about how your cleansing/weight loss is going! (i'm in the process of trying to shed some winter poundage as well.) xxoo
ps- love your restaurant!!

Ben Bulik

Read the blogs.........keep posting sarma, you never know when someone might read a blog and actually have a legit solution to offer for your funk. And on that note, do you actually read these?...?

Tina Dimitriou

Hi Sarma,
You don't know me personally, but I bought your book. l am eating healthier, and then I read you blog and I am sad to hear how things have progressed with you.
I wanted to send out some recommendations of some inspiring movies, and interesting books to read that make you think differently. The movies are mostly about existentialism.

1. The Secrete, Movie
2. Awareness, by 'Anthony De Mello'
3. What the Bleep do we know?, Movie

Good Luck, I hope to eat at your restaurant one day. Tina

Bell Chung

Just wanted to leave a quick note to both Dhru and Sarma for these wonderful posts! I commend you guys for staying strong, despite a small handful of negative people (who seem to always look at the glass half empty)!

Thank you for keeping me motivated!



This Evelina seems to have nothing better to do than troll around this site and quite passionately attack anyone who says something positive about Sarma. Get a life. But I suppose what'll really happen is that she'll read this and get really angry, and post something to have the last word, as she continues to troll, troll, troll, offering her vitriolic opinions. Please spare everyone. But it'll be fun to watch what else you'll post in response, sort of like taunting an animal in a cage, with the exception that I have utmost sympathy for the animal. You have no excuse.



You are real inspiration. Congratulations!!!

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