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Interview with RawGuru.com

Alex Malinsky, who runs rawguru.com, recently asked me if I'd be interested in conducting an interview for his website/newsletter. Now I'm no guru, but I thought it would be entertaining to share my crazy raw food story.

I've taken a few of my favorite questions and posted them here. For the full interview, visit rawguru.com

Q: What are some quick tips or hints for Raw newbies?

Don't identify yourself with the diet: One of the major challenges raw newbies have is getting caught up in the identity of what it means for them to be "raw". Just like an extremely materialistic person who is looking for himself in the things that he buys, many people often look for themselves in the diet they eat. "Oh, if only I could be 100% raw then all my problems would go away." Start to notice if you are looking for yourself in the diet and immediately you'll see shifts. Noticing is enough.

Discipline doesn't work: The challenge with discipline is that it is a technique to rid desire, but discipline is based on desire. When someone says, "I have discipline," what they often mean is that they are experienced at taking one desire and making it stronger than another. Not that this doesn't get the job done. In fact, discipline often does works, temporarily. However, discipline will ultimately always let us down because one day (for some people, many days) we'll have a desire that can't be trumped. Often when discipline failed me I used these two questions: 1) What do I feel must happen in order for me to be myself? 2) What do I feel has already happened that is preventing me from being myself?

Q: Do you have any major influences?

Nature Love my original raw food mentor who introduced me to the diet. David Wolfe who has been my most influential teacher when it comes to specifically raw food. Eckhart Tolle and his partner Kim Eng who helped create the context for my peace of mind to rise. Joel Odhner from Raw Life Line and Arnold of Arnold's Way who have spent hours on end speaking with me about life and abundance. Is this starting to sound like an Grammy Award speech? Sarma Melngailis from Pure Food & Wine who's shear beauty has motivated me bring raw food to the masses just for the selfish reason of having more beautiful women like her on this planet. The We Like It Raw Squad, Neel, Nirav, Deepen, & Mihir. Dr. Jubb and Dr. Cousens are great mentors too, it should be illegal to be as smart as they are.

Q: Where do you see the Raw Food movement heading?

I see more and more people getting into raw food via their pets. Americans love their pets and will spend what ever it takes to keep them healthy. I also see a willingness on individuals to try things on their pets that they wouldn't try on themselves. But once your cat's leukemia is reversed you can't help but to question your own diet.

I see Whole Foods as being the next big gateway to raw food. They are planning on opening "Live Food Bars" around the country, they already have one in Austin, TX, and I can't imagine how many people will get introduced to raw food through them. All the vegans, vegetarians, free-rangers, macrobiotics and so on will start to notice raw food showing up all around them and they won't be able to help themselves!

The internet and celebs will also pimp raw food more so than ever.