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My research mission at a Walmart Super Center in


I'm in Valdosta, Georgia for a family reunion and a 25th Wedding Anniversary party. While I had a little down time yesterday afternoon, I decided to do hands-on research at a Walmart Super Center. I'd been recently reading that Walmart was making some interesting choices in the world of organic/natural foods and I wanted to see first hand what exactly was going on.

Not only was I surprised to see the fairly large selection of organic produce (carrots, apples, romaine lettuce, potatoes, raisins, and like 25 other things), but I was totally shocked to see Young Thai Coconuts. When I asked the produce team if they were regular sellers they said not only do they sell out quickly, but of lot of the customers purchase them by the case.

Thai Coconuts by the case in Valdosta, Georgia at a Walmart Super Center? What's next?

p.s. That doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to seeing Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price