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Not Perfect, Just Real! (Sarma's debut)


This is my first blog post ... ever.  What to write about? Writing a whole book somehow felt less daunting, though when it was finally published I could not believe that all those words, written during delirious late nights in front of the computer, were out there in print, and that anyone would even care. The most heartwarming part is that it seems people do, hence this blog.

Discovering raw foods changed my life in the most profound ways, and what still boggles my crowded mind is the "discover" part of it. How and why is it something to be discovered? My first thoughts were, why didn't anyone TELL me this earlier??? How could I not have seen it all earlier, as it seems so plainly intuitive?  For me, a meat-eating, food, restaurant and art-of-cooking loving, generally stubborn person, this was a big leap. It seemed to me, that if anyone and everyone was made aware of the facts, research, basic principles behind eating vegan foods and raw foods, how could anyone do otherwise?  I suppose it's the same reason that people still smoke cigarettes.  However, it's safe to say that everyone out there is at least now aware of the consequences.  And that's okay.  We should all do what we want with and to ourselves... for the near term or long term. But at least we're aware.

The effects of eating processed foods, meats and dairy, cooked foods, are unfortunately not out there as common, undeniable knowledge (and of course, I don't need to preach to the choir here). However, my overall goal is to influence this to the extent that I can, and to do so in the least threatening, pushy, dogmatic, militant way. I don't want to pretend to be the perfect organic raw foodist - just a real one, doing the best I can to keep myself happy and healthy and to help anyone who wants any guidance from someone they can hopefully relate to, flaws and all. People are very sensitive about what they eat... I am too. There is a lot of emotion, history and habit attached to it.

Most people reading this are probably already "into" the whole raw food thing, though I don't really know. What I want to know is what you want to read about? I'm happy to blabber on about my thoughts, things I find challenging personally, things I think are helpful for others who may be transitioning to raw foods, or simply feeling challenged - recipes, ideas, gossip, anything - please let me know. What I can promise is that I'll be open, disclose anything anyone wants to know... even the gory details that were edited out of the "adventures in detox and cleansing" chapter of the book, because they were too... gory.  I thought they were funny. Oh well. Upcoming blog postings promise to include recipes... some from the book, some new and unpublished. And anything else anyone wants to know... I'm excited about this... hope someone else out there is too! :)

eat raw, live long, love life, be happy... Sarma



Welcome Sarma.....I look forward to your future post....I absolutely love your book...I have made many of the recipes and have shared them with friends and they have gotten rave reviews..I look forward to visiting Pure food and Wine...this spring


hey sarma. I'm glad you'll be blogging here regularily. people do look up to you. :) Your book is the one I show skeptics who ask me "don't you get sick of just eating salad all the time?." It's served me well.
you are pretty.


Hi Sarma! I am a raw foods personal chef here in Chicago always on the lookout for new and exciting recipes to make my clients. I use your book often and everything I make out of it is a huge hit. It's my favorite out of my vast collection, so I'm looking forward to the recipes you might post.

If you're so inclined, would you mind posting the recipe for 'Young Coconut Noodles with Coriander Peanut Sauce'? I was hoping that it would have been in the book- is the 'Spicy Peanut Coconut Noodles with giner and lime' similar? Also,when I was at the restaurant I had this coconut cream pie with a brazil nut crust that was fabulous. I wouldn't mind the recipe for that as well :).

Thank you very much!
Vanessa Sherwood

Vegan Momma

You should tell the gory details about the detox cleansing. ;-) I would like to hear about the detox/cleansing. When I switched to strictly whole foods a few years ago the cleansing I experienced was interesting and gory, lol.

I am about 75%-80% raw. I have been this way for about a year. I definitely can tell the difference! I wondered how my daughter would take to that. She was a little over one year old at the time but she loves raw vegetables and fruits. If given a choice she picks that over cooked foods. When I do eat cooked foods it is a downer. I notice I don’t have the same amount of energy.

I am always looking for more information about raw foods. This blog is a great source. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have books by Gabriel Cousins, David Wolfe, and Frederic Patenaude. I will have to purchase your book.

I think the only thing I would miss is herbal tea if I went 100% raw although I am going very fond of hot peppers in my daily drinks.

I love preparing foods and in many ways I feel like a young child again learning how to cook. I don’t prepare too many dishes I just basically eat the veggies and fruits plain. :-)


Hi Sarma~ You are not preaching to the choir- I was a vegetarian for about 5 years. I actually started a vegetarian restaurant that will celebrate its 10th year next month- Smart Alec's in Berkeley California. We have since added some meat items, but the soul of our company is that of a vegetarian restaurant. Anyway, I am interested in learning more about Raw Foods, and would value your comments about how you started and the changes/process through the transition. THAT would be very valuable to an aspiring "raw foody"


Sarma.....I am pumped to learn that you are sharing your candid and flowing thoughts, ideas, recipes, etc. with your raw food cyber-friends! You are a beautiful and inspiring example of a woman who is following her inner light and desires; boldly living the life that you had only imagined before it became your reality. Thank you for leading by example and I look forward to your future bloggings.

PS......I still am dying for your Rosemary Quackers recipe!!!

Penni in Tulsa


THANK U SOO... much for your existance! Your book was the first i received from a loving friend who intruduced me to the raw way and I was lucky enough to have my first taste at Pure food n wine! AMAZING!!! I look forward to your advice and thoughts n want 2 wish everyone clarity and patience this yr. to assist in bringing their dreams n desires closer to full circle.


I will for sure post some gory stuff soon... promise... stay tuned. And thanks for all the encouragement. All very humbling. Young Coconut Noodles is in the cookbook... Rosemary Quackers... I could give you the recipe, but then I'd have to hunt you all down and kill you. Ok not really. That may appear in follow up book. But believe me, they take FOUR, yes FOUR days to make. Thank our talented pastry chef Emily for coming up with such a cumbersome, though extraordinarily tasty recipe. :)

Irene "raw food newbie"

Hi Sarma:

Having finally reached a point where I'm tired of having asthma, I have turned to raw foods. For most of my life (falling off the wagon every now and then) I have been a vegetarian/vegan,but thought I need something else. I caught a segment on the Metro channel where they reviewed Pure Food and Wine, and talked about raw foods. I bought the book and made a few of the recipes. I love them. So delicious,fresh,and healthy. I recently had dinner at the restaurant and I thought I was in heaven. I really wish the restaurant and take away were closer to Greenwich, CT :(
Anyway, I'm going to stay on the raw food track. Thank You for sharing your knowledge and your delicious recipes.

Coconut Brother Ethan

Bless the goddess of raw , all the creative culinary creations are brilliant, the glow is a quality to be cherished. Keep up the greatness.Over here in maui keepin it raw is a pure Joy ,yet I still long to visit your resturaunt again soon, Mahalo!


Hi Sarma,
I am so happy to see that you are getting into blogging. I have so many questions. I'm just dipping my toe into the raw food world and I'm already seeing how much this lifestyle is totally what I want to do. I'll been reading every book on Raw Foods and I have to tell you that your's is really the BEST! Its so real, and easy to understand. And much more personal, and that's a really good thing for someone who has no idea what their getting into. (Like Me.) I'm sure I'll start asking all kind of questions. :) Keep blogging, you really inspire me!
Thanks so much,


hey sarma,
i just bought your book. it's really amazing. i haven't been raw for very long but i did a lot of research and i have no doubt that it is the healthiest way to live out there. today my mom took me to a cooked resturant and to appease her i ate some cooked food. i felt bloated, full, and very unhealthy...i felt as if i need to sleep. then i remember reading in your book that cooked food increases the number of white blood cell. then i knew my body was trying to fight off the cooked food and was trying to work up enough energy to digest it...so i sleep for about 3 hours...it was horrible. i sticking with the raw.
on another note, your book is amazing. i have more energy then ever. to bad there aren't any raw food resturants in oklahoma.


Recipes are always great to read about! Especially if they have pictures!

On that note, I found your recipes on the G Living website. I have a question about one: the Pumkin Tart.

It requires maple syrup powder. How can you make it/where do you like to buy it? Could I use straight maple syrup or would that change the consistency too much?


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