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Not Perfect, Just Real! (Sarma's debut)


This is my first blog post ... ever.  What to write about? Writing a whole book somehow felt less daunting, though when it was finally published I could not believe that all those words, written during delirious late nights in front of the computer, were out there in print, and that anyone would even care. The most heartwarming part is that it seems people do, hence this blog.

Discovering raw foods changed my life in the most profound ways, and what still boggles my crowded mind is the "discover" part of it. How and why is it something to be discovered? My first thoughts were, why didn't anyone TELL me this earlier??? How could I not have seen it all earlier, as it seems so plainly intuitive?  For me, a meat-eating, food, restaurant and art-of-cooking loving, generally stubborn person, this was a big leap. It seemed to me, that if anyone and everyone was made aware of the facts, research, basic principles behind eating vegan foods and raw foods, how could anyone do otherwise?  I suppose it's the same reason that people still smoke cigarettes.  However, it's safe to say that everyone out there is at least now aware of the consequences.  And that's okay.  We should all do what we want with and to ourselves... for the near term or long term. But at least we're aware.

The effects of eating processed foods, meats and dairy, cooked foods, are unfortunately not out there as common, undeniable knowledge (and of course, I don't need to preach to the choir here). However, my overall goal is to influence this to the extent that I can, and to do so in the least threatening, pushy, dogmatic, militant way. I don't want to pretend to be the perfect organic raw foodist - just a real one, doing the best I can to keep myself happy and healthy and to help anyone who wants any guidance from someone they can hopefully relate to, flaws and all. People are very sensitive about what they eat... I am too. There is a lot of emotion, history and habit attached to it.

Most people reading this are probably already "into" the whole raw food thing, though I don't really know. What I want to know is what you want to read about? I'm happy to blabber on about my thoughts, things I find challenging personally, things I think are helpful for others who may be transitioning to raw foods, or simply feeling challenged - recipes, ideas, gossip, anything - please let me know. What I can promise is that I'll be open, disclose anything anyone wants to know... even the gory details that were edited out of the "adventures in detox and cleansing" chapter of the book, because they were too... gory.  I thought they were funny. Oh well. Upcoming blog postings promise to include recipes... some from the book, some new and unpublished. And anything else anyone wants to know... I'm excited about this... hope someone else out there is too! :)

eat raw, live long, love life, be happy... Sarma