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Raw Mojitos


This weekend the Nirav (right) & I (left) were in charge of raw-friendly beverages at our good friend's house warming party. While we aren't big into alcohol we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to pimp Sarma's Raw Mojito recipe, (taken from Raw Food, Real World).

And I'm so glad we did! The drink was a crazy success and people were literally lining up for rounds. Others were just waiting for an opportunity to steal our pitcher while we took bathroom breaks.

I can totally see this drink becoming a must have at bars around the country.

Let's see if we can't get Sarma to post the exact recipe this week so that you can make it at home too - if you fancy it. I personally get an upset stomach when I drink raw alcohol so I usually just take a little mint, raw agave, lemon juice / lime juice, & filtered water and make a nice raw cooler.


Raw agave, sake (not raw), raw mint, lemon juice / lime juice & raw sparkling wine. All organic though.


Our buddies Chandre and Sandeep enjoying Mojitos bliss!