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Raw Tortillas!

JohnsuperfoodlifetortillasPaul Nisson just started selling these awesome looking raw tortillas. I say looking because I haven't tried them yet, but Paul swears that they taste like bread.

"I know many people who eat a raw food diet miss bread. Well you don't have to miss it anymore. Last week I found a great guy selling the most amazing tortillas. When he told me they were raw I was so excited. I am happy to say I know have them on my website for you to enjoy."

LIFE Tortillas come in 5 different flavors original, sun dried, tomato basil, cheesy dill, spicy. If anyone tries them before I do, please be sure to send us a review.

All Live Organic Raw Flax Seed, Irish Moss, Celtic Sea Salt, Garlic, Soy Lecithin Vanilla, Unfiltered Raw Wildflower Honey, Brazil Nuts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil, Lemon and Italian Dressing



I'm interested in transforming my diet into a raw food diet, but I am confused by the extremes I see among raw foodists. One end says that we should eat foods the way other animals do; in their natural state. They say, "you don't see animals cooking their foods." Yet I see raw foodists promoting foods that must have been processed somehow in order to approximate the processed foods they no longer eat, the way this product mimics bread. I'm not knocking this product- I'm just baffled. Is raw food supposed to be foods which are unprocessed or just foods that are uncooked? If unprocessed, how is term "processed" defined?


AP, great comments! Comments that require attention from a full post. While I don't speak on behalf of the entire raw food community, I'll take my best shot at it!


Actually, the food isnt cooked, but dried. It is done so by a device called a dehydrator, which removes moisture from the food, and makes it seem cooked.


And the idea is to not cook to a temperature that destoys the enzymes necessary for both digestion and optimum nutrition. Therefore though anyone may like a certain texture, or taste that "processing," or combining or dehydrating or soaking may elicit, the point is to achieve that without losing the food's full potential.

Lisa Hamilton

We have tried the variety pack - and they are very tasty!


I have tried the original and sun dried tomato. They are incredible and make wonderful wraps. I put avocado and veggies inside them and they made a great lunch. Unprocessed foods are best, but once in awhile, for variety, it's nice to treat yourself to something unique.


Yes, I'd also say that unprocessed foods are best, but if you would like to eat something that reminds you of cooked food (especially while transitioning), then it is nice to try raw gourmet food.
Personally I think it is too concentrated most of the time, like the raw pies, containing so many nuts and sweet stuff (dates, honey), that I think it is more of a treat, not a real meal. They are very high in sugar and fat content. Even these flax wraps (which perhaps are comparable to flax crackers). You wouldn't eat the amount of ingredients in their unprocessed state (picture eating all the flax seeds that would go into this just pure with a spoon).
I think with these raw gourmet treats, people should be careful not to eat too much of it. I've noticed my own body doesn't react very well to it, and I've heard of other raw fooders who don't feel good when eating a daily diet that contains too much concentrated fats and sugars. But in moderation, these raw gourmet treats are probably fine.
Also, some people just like to 'cook' and make things that reminds them of cooked food, because they are used to it, it is the way we were brought up (personally, I'd rather eat a slice of real bread than a slice of raw, densed nut bread if I had to choose, because the latter I find way too concentrated). Eating pure and simpler requires a change of perspective and habits and that may take a while.
There are also people who just like to 'cook' and make up new things, just for the fun and creativity of it, even with raw food. We are creative beings, we like making up things!
Most people who are going raw, seem to be starting with raw gourmet food and after a while just prefer simpler and purer foods.


Unprocessed refers to "unrefined, unheated, unaltered". It does not mean untouched by a knife or hand or blender. This definitely can be confusing.

The gourmet raw foodist often takes what nature has given us, not altering it in a way that will change its nutritional value but just mixing and blending flavors and textures to make the foods more palatable and tasty (comparable to the cooked foods we're used to) for the consumer.

Of course eating raw greens, avocado, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, etc. alone is best, but it gets/sounds a little boring sometimes...gourmet raw food is more of just an "option" for the blah, like gourmet restaurants are or gourmet cookies and truffles, cakes, pies, etc. for the average eater, but w/o the toxic heating, sugar and refined flours that we refer to as processed. Make sense?

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