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Raw Tortillas!

JohnsuperfoodlifetortillasPaul Nisson just started selling these awesome looking raw tortillas. I say looking because I haven't tried them yet, but Paul swears that they taste like bread.

"I know many people who eat a raw food diet miss bread. Well you don't have to miss it anymore. Last week I found a great guy selling the most amazing tortillas. When he told me they were raw I was so excited. I am happy to say I know have them on my website for you to enjoy."

LIFE Tortillas come in 5 different flavors original, sun dried, tomato basil, cheesy dill, spicy. If anyone tries them before I do, please be sure to send us a review.

All Live Organic Raw Flax Seed, Irish Moss, Celtic Sea Salt, Garlic, Soy Lecithin Vanilla, Unfiltered Raw Wildflower Honey, Brazil Nuts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil, Lemon and Italian Dressing