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Staying Warm & Eating Raw

Very interesting conversation over at the raw food.com forums about staying warm during cold winters while still eating raw.

Update: It's seems our good friend Deepen has submited another great suggestion:

"Cuddling with a hot raw-food girl is always nice too! I'm not going to name any names, but there are def a few I wouldn't mind warming up with!"

Other Top Suggestions:

  • Expose your skin to the sun every chance you get!
  • Dress very warm!! right now I'm wearing pajamas, a sweater, and a jacket....indoors.
  • Drink warm water, or tea if you drink tea
  • Don't eat anything that is frozen!! No cold smoothies. no ice cubes. Thaw anything that comes out of the freezer before you eat it.
  • Keep a highly mineralized, individualized, balanced and very tasty raw live diet!
  • Include many super-foods and herbals and a few mild spices (little bit of cayenne and cumin and ginger, though i don't think they're necessary, unless you crave them. for example, i think ginger is serving me well cuz it feels good to eat it, though my body did not want it last month)
  • Hot exercises: get sweaty doing your favorite exercise. bikram yoga is really awesome.
  • Warm relaxation: bundled up cozy when your on this forum, hot bath/shower (end your shower cold though, at least for a flash), sauna, oil massage.