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Thailand's First Raw Food Café

RawfoodcafethailandAs far as I know Raw Food Café, inside the Rasayana Retreat Center, is Thailands first raw food cafe. The food sounds amazing, but their local review wasn't so favorable.

"Thais, who customarily feast on stir-fried goodies, boiled meat with veggies and the necessary side of rice or noodles, have not exactly been swept off their feet by the Raw Food Café’s preachings. Most customers are farang who discover the café after getting a spa treatment in the adjacent building.

The lack of interest is no surprise; the food needs a nice introduction and then some getting used to. One must remember that the dishes listed on the menu, such as pizza, pasta and lasagna, do not have the same meaning as they do in the cooked-food world. Everything is served cold; every soup is gazpacho in temperature. “Bread” is made of dehydrated vegetables and nuts; “linguini” is shaped like the wide flat Italian noodle, but is actually made of long cold shavings of zucchini, instead of flour; “pizza” is not made of dough, but a base of dehydrated flaxseed.

It doesn’t sound all that appealing for the average 7-Eleven diner, but raw food is more about lifestyle than palate pleasures. In this respect, the Raw Food Café gets it all right. Their menu describes the concept of raw food and also designates which ones can be used for the spa’s cleansing program – detoxification of the digestive system."