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That's funny, you don't look healhty?


Some of the best health tips I've ever received have came from my mentor David Wolfe. Here's another one to add to the list.

When David Wolfe was a young'n, who was just starting to scratch the surface of real health, there were a lot of authors and self-proclaimed experts who were ready to throw in their two cents on what worked and what didn't. With all the chatter in the air, it was hard to decipher from what was real and what was agenda based. So David, being the smart raw-cookie that he is, came up with a little trick.

He'd take a good look at the author, speaker or teacher and ask himself, "Would I want to look like that?"

No matter how much someone knows, or claims that they know about being healthy, if they don't look it, take their advice with a grain of sea salt. Nature rewards a balanced/healthy system with symmetry and symmetry = beauty.

I know we live in the age of cosmetic surgery and photo retocuhing, but if you know what to look for you can notice instantaneously whether or not someone has the natural glow that comes from being healthy.

Large amounts of raw food included in the diet definitely makes it easier "get get the glow" (as Sarma says), but it doesn't necessarily guarantee it. There are a lot of rawfoodist, and others too of course, who just don't look very healthy. Which is fine, but let's not forget that attractiveness is nature's way of indicating healthy genes.

That's why the US of A spends almost 9 billion a year on cosmetic surgery, why people love watching nip/tuck, and why the before and after photos are the most popular section of this website!