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The synchronistic story of Living Cuisine Raw Food Bar

We've heard some pretty amazing stories about how people first got involved in the healing world of raw foods. The story of Omar Abou-Ismail and Living Cuisine Raw Food Bar (Salt Lake City, Utah) is right up there with the best of them.

Raw food and a New Life (via happynews.com)

Rawfoodsaltlakecityutah_1You've seen it in movies—everyone has. That is, someone has an epiphany causing dream of a person or an occurrence or whatever it may be. They are positive the dream has larger implications, so they decide to follow it. Kevin Costner heard voices saying, "If you build it, they will come." He had a vision—a dream if you will—and although many in the film thought he was crazy, he did in fact build it. And they did indeed come.

The story of Omar Abou-Ismail is no different. Abou-Ismail was a geophysicist living in Hawaii and suffering from depression when he had a dream that would dramatically change his life forever.

In his dream, he met a woman with waist-long dreadlocks who offered him the book of life. Abou-Ismail was shocked to see the same woman from his dream the very next day while he was going about his normal routine. He was intrigued by her, and remembering his dream of her the night before, became curious about the meaning and reason of her existence in his life. He attempted to get close to her, but she however, kept her distance, avoiding his advances.

Abou-Ismail decided to approach her boyfriend and explained his dream to him. He felt certain that this woman had a message for him. The boyfriend smiled and invited him to their home for dinner so he could meet the dreadlocked woman.

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