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Todd Cooked, Todd Raw


"I posted a picture today that was after 17 months raw and after the "fat-free" month. My body is definitely feeling tighter and I feel more fit. This journey is so interesting in that I am always learning, my body is always adjusting and adapting. My mind also, is always becoming clearer (just when I think its as clear as can be), I am continually reaching higher levels. Its exciting in that I look forward to what the future brings. After 17 months I can definitely say, I am suffering from no deficiencies of minerals or vitamins. No protien issues, no b12 issues, no amino acid issues, no health issues...period. I am 44 years old but I definitely feel like my body is much younger. The 8 miles I run seems like a stroll in the park, especially in these beautiful New England fall days. My family has accepted the raw lifestyle. My little daughter is very careful to eat plenty of raws before she eats cooked as is my youngest son. If they ever feel sick they immediately want to go all raw until they feel better. I never have to say anything. I never forced them or tried to coerce them in anyway. It was simply being an example, a living testimony. My wife is 80-90% raw, my oldest daughter is 100% most of the time. This has been a great blessing to my entire family. By God's grace I want to stay raw for life. But I have learned, life is one day at a time."