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Turn on the light

MatthewgracerawfoodI met Matthew Grace about three years ago at a lecture he was giving in Manhattan. Great health communicator, but "just a little upset" at that time, he told the audience. Here's a little snippet of Matthew's story:

Matthew reversed his multiple sclerosis through raw food / natural healing and became super healthy, (not to mention buff). Once he was healthy he was very happy about the health truths he discovered. But after a while Matthew noticed that it was pretty hard to convince people to become healthy. He also noticed that it was even harder to get the powers that be (business & government) to do something about their ways. During the lecture he told the audience how even though he was super healthy, after reversing M.S., he managed to get himself sick again by having so much anxiety, anger and depression about helping others that were sick. After a year or two of rest he was back on his feet and helping others once again.

Here is a great excerpt from Matthew's book, A Way Out: Dis-ease deception and the truth about health

Turn on the light

Imagine being in a dark and crowded room. With every other step you smash your shin on a table, hit our head on a lamp, smack your hip on the corner of a desk, and repeatedly trip over pieces of furniture.

Everyone else is tripping and injuring him or herself also. You make efforts to stop injuring yourself, but despite your good intentions you keep falling. There is somebody who is giving out pills that will deaden the pain of your in-juries; and the pills are very popular in the land of the dark, as everybody is suffering cuts and bruises.

A collective decision is made to raise money in hopes of figuring out how to make furniture that is not so dangerous, and to design clothing that will protect everyone from injury.

The decision to name all the injuries suffered from particular falls and collisions is also agreed upon, including B.H.S. (Bruised Hip Syndrome), T.A. (Twisted Ankleitis), and B.H.D. (Bruised Head Dis-ease). These acronyms are repeatedly used by physicians and the general population until they become part of the daily lexicon. Committees are formed, money is raised, celebrities (out of the goodness of their heart) speak out to increase "awareness;" so research begins to find the cures of these conditions. Experts suggest that walking faster will help, but more people end up getting injured. An expert from a top university claims it must be some type of microbe, either a germ or a virus, causing people to bang into furniture. Another expert says his study shows that walking backwards is the answer; yet another claims the problem to be a genetic predisposition and begins lobbying for additional funds for ge-netic research. The years go on and on, and despite billions of dollars spent on this research and the advice of highly educated men and women, the people in the dark continue to trip and fall at an increasing rate. Lack of money or lack of proper treatments and "cures" is not the issue.

As long as you're in the dark it really does not matter what you decide, how intent you are at not banging into the furniture, how much research is done, or what the experts say.


Our civilization is the midst of a severe health crisis. We are stumbling in the dark searching for solutions in places they simply do not exist. We live in a world where few, if any, human beings die of natural causes. To die of natural causes, you must live a natural life. In today's modern culture, people live unnatural lives and thus die of unnatural causes. Most human beings succumb to heart dis-ease and cancer treatments and die with debilitated and decrepit, disease-filled bodies, brittle and weakened bones, and failing organs. We are stumbling around in the dark imagining that if we "run faster," raise more money, and do more research, things may improve. This is our present plight, but it does not have to be so.

The following work is offered as a safe and tremendously effective option for those who are suffering from dis-ease and physical discomfort, whether labeled incurable, chronic, or hereditary, and for those who simply want to live with optimum health.