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Beefing up the raw food presence

Natural food markets and co-ops around the country are really beefing up their raw food presence, and I'm not talking raw meat here. Even my tiny organic co-op in Delaware, Newark Natural Foods, now has a whole shelf dedicated to raw snacks. They also have one entire refrigerated section devoted to Raw Life Line prepared raw meals. Raw food goodness in your local store? What is the world coming to?

Westerly Natural Market in Manhattan is perfect example of what the world is coming to. The stores manager, Harry B., recently sent me a series of photos that showcase just how far this natural foods store has taken its raw food presence.


It use to be that you could only get prepared raw food online. Some of the original raw food pioneers even had entire chapters in their books dedicated to the hardships of finding raw food locally. This is all changing very quickly. Now I know it isn't like Walmart sells Young Thai Coconuts (oh wait, they do!).....well I know they don't sell Nature's First Law Goji Berries, so there is a lot of room left to grow, but something magical is happening here - every year it is getting exponentially easier to find and to eat raw food.

But how will we know that a real dent has been made? Here are a few of the major milestones, some more effective than others, that WLIR is keeping a look out for:

  • Ultra-sheik, ultra-expensive "raw" branded alcohol at trendy night clubs and restaurants
  • Raw Organic Agave Nectar at Starbucks
  • Dairy-Free Super Food Smoothies at fast food chains like TCBY or Dairy Queen
  • Pure Food and Wine / One Lucky Duck raw ice cream at Whole Foods Markets
  • Goji berry and cacao trail mixes at airport newspaper stands
  • Complimentary green drinks at the office water cooler (hey, gotta keep those health care costs down)

What are your thoughts? Where are you hoping raw food will pop-up next?



In case anyone's curious, it also pays to be into this health movement... What do I mean? Check out Whole Foods Market, a publicly traded company (ticker symbol: WFMI):
1/31/03: 25.41
1/31/05: 73.70 (15 minutes before market close)

... or 95.02% return/yr. from '03 to '05. And the analysts on Wall Street like the company. Looks like us crazy raw-foodies aren't the only ones noticing that there might be something to this. Could we be seeing a tipping point in Capitalist America? Who knows?

Just in case you thought this whole health food thing was bogus.



Forgot my disclaimer,

This is in no way a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Please consult your financial advisor, or investment professional before making any investment decision.


Hahaha, thanks Gabe!

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

We have Europe's first ever Whole Foods Market coming to England (London) next year - very exciting! And our goal is to get Get Fresh! magazine in there as well as lots of other raw goodies, including my forthcoming book (Raw Food for Beginners)... Yes, the time is ripe.

You are right Dhru. The future is happening right in front of our eyes. In fact it's already happened... just playing out now ; )

"Keep the faith" : )


how do i know how young thai coconut gets ripe?

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