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Coretta Scott King Dies at Age 78

CorettascottkingCoretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King Jr., has passed away today at the age of 78.

The widow of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. has died at age 78. Coretta Scott King, a mother of four, continued her husband's work for social change after his assassination in 1968. She suffered a serious heart attack and stroke last August. - Via NPR.com

There are early reports that Mrs. King sought treatment for her illness at the alternative care facilities of Hospital Santa Monica, run by the controversial Dr. Kurt W. Donsbach, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. NPR's morning edition reported that Mrs. King died in Atlanta, however it seems that Mrs. King died at Hospital Santa Monica, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. There are even reports that Mrs. King tried a raw food diet to help her heal her illness.

Via AJC.com: Lynn Cothren, her former special assistant for 23 years, said today that homeopathic medicine was "something Mrs. King believed in."

"She was pure vegetarian," Cothren told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "She ate raw food for the past couple of years."

Since King became ill recently, she began eating cooked food again, he said.

"She really tried to take care of herself," he said. "She tried to treat various problems, as she got older, with [the homeopathic] method."

King began visiting alternative-health spas about 15 years ago, Cothren said.

Mrs. King's interest in alternative healing is extremely representative of her history of alternative thinking. Mrs. King was not only vocal about challenging the common explanation for her husbands assassination, she was also explicitly against the Iraq War, and an advocate of Gay rights.

For more on Coretta Scott King, her history and legacy, check out NPR's on going coverage.