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Detoxing vs Sickness

I went through a huge detox this weekend. Probably one of the biggest ones I've been through in quiet a long time and this is my 5th year on the raw track. I always go through a little forced internal cleansing during this time of year, but it felt like something extra was thrown in the mix.

I went from feeling pretty normal running at 95% this past Wednesday night to being totally exhausted and hacking up all sorts of stuff Thursday morning and running at 30%. Now Monday morning I feel even better than I have ever felt and I'm easily running at full capacity.

The natural reaction for friends and family to have when they see someone going through this is, "What is he doing wrong?" I'm sure some even think I've turned to the "darkside" and eaten a flippin steak or pepperoni pizza, otherwise how could I be "sick"?

There is a myth out there that raw foodist don't get sick. The Truth is that no one really gets "sick" in the traditional sense. Mucus, coughing, fever are all surface indications that your body's white cells are kicking ass and cleaning up after the body has reached an imbalance. When you don't get sick is when you have an issue. This is a problem that many elderly and AIDS patience's have. When your body can't get sick anymore it means it doesn't have the resources to fight back.

It just happens to be that people eating a large amount of raw fruits and vegetables are far less likely to reach a state of imbalance in their body, so on the surface they get "sick" hardly ever. Even in my first two years of eating raw, I remember having a headache getting "sick" a total of three times. Each lasted no longer than a period of 2 days and two of the incidents were clearly attributed to detoxing, (the latter to emotional stress).

Is the difference between detoxing and sickness? Totally! Detoxing is the act of the body striving for balance on it's own, choosing to remove toxicity because it has the resources to do so. Whereas sickness or being sick is the body striving for balance primarily as a reaction to what it sees as a threat. This might only make sense if you've experience both personally, but a good distinction is that it actually feels physically good while detoxing, but it physically huts to be sick.

Myth busted! Rawfoodist can and do experience both detoxing and sickness. If you don't know which one you are going through, I strongly suggest seeing someone with some experience in this field or at least doctor who is inline with some idea of holistic medicine.

More to come on this topic soon, but in the mean time I just wanted to throw some ideas out there.

p.s. We've been having some blog issues recently and a few of our readers may notice that some of our past posts are missing. Everything was fixed this weekend on the back-end, now I just need one of our editors to clean things up on the front end. Expect that everything will return to normal very shortly. Thanks for your readership!