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Idealism vs Realism

Neat little article from beyondveg.com, the site that puts fear into raw food militants eyes! We're not one of them, so we wouldn't know ;)

Just like all advice.... some ideas make sense and others don't. Regardless, it is still worth sharing and discussing.

Idealism vs. Realism: A Comparison

The raw-foods movement is split into a number of factions, and it seems that no one agrees with anyone else. Some raw-fooders are very idealistic--to the point of extreme dogmatism, while others are very pragmatic and open. The purpose of this article is to contrast and clarify two different approaches to raw (vegan) diets that one might encounter: idealists versus realists.

Based on long experience in the raw movement, it is my observation and opinion that many of the problems of the raw movement have their roots in excessive idealism. A little bit of idealism in raw foods can be good--one can argue that those who try the diet on spiritual or environmental grounds are engaging in idealistic behavior. However, an excess of idealism can lead to a number of problems, some of which are serious.

Let us therefore examine idealism and realism in the context of raw-food diets, on an issue-by-issue basis (below). The material below labeled "I," for Idealistic, represents a summary and synthesis of views one frequently encounters in the movement. The material below labeled "R," for Realistic, is a snapshot of my own views, which are in an ongoing process of growth. I have written this so that others can see the current discussion within the raw movement in a clearer light. (Please note that I am not the only realist; there are many realists in the raw movement.)

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