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MOOD - there's a reason why it rhymes with FOOD


It's a new year… a time meant for reflections and resolutions.  I had a full hangover day to think about these things, when I wasn't drifting back into sleep.  As reported by our tasty young co-hosts from welikeitraw.com, our party here at Pure Food and Wine was just silly - I don't recall ever having a more fun New Year's Eve.  Recall being a key word, since it's all a bit hazy, in a good way. 

SO January 1st, back to reality, the day that so many of us out there (probably mostly girls too) swear that we're going to be 'good' and loose that stubborn 5 to 10 pounds, or whatever it is.  How hard can it be?  Eat less, exercise more?  The problem is, it's not about that.  It's all wrapped up in personal history, emotion and mood, with a big wad of anxiety tossed in. 

When I made the rather sudden switch to raw foods, the shift in my relationship with food that came with it felt like a huge relief.  I was a typical over-achieving girl in high-school and college (loooong time ago!) who turned to 'disorderly' eating as a distraction from the real issues that otherwise would have been bothersome to have to dwell on.  Better to beat myself up over something else, of course!  But now this was the first time in my life that food in fact became something more meaningful, but in a good way… it's not just about me anymore, and my own loopy obsessions and tastes, it's also about the future… hopefully a sustainable one.  For the first time, eating to feel good became the focus… an idea that seems obvious, yet most of us don't get it.  Eat crap = feel like crap.  Eat fruit = feel fresh and yummy.  Eat chemicals = get weird diseases.  Eat natural = be naturally healthy, like we're supposed to be.  Eat raw = live long.  And feel happy. 

MOOD.  There's a reason why it rhymes with FOOD.  Eat just enough of what you really, really, really want, (what you know will make you feel good) and surprise… you'll feel good.  Of course, SO MUCH easier said than done - I know this as well as anyone.  More on that later. 

What is my favorite feel good food?  Pink grapefruit.  And they're in season - and they're perfect to mask the otherwise yucky flavor of my favorite supplement, the chlorophyll packed E3-Live frozen algae.  Cut a few grapefruits in half, scoop the sections and juice into a big glass or medium bowl, (or you can just use grapefruit juice, but I like the pulpy sections), add a couple tablespoons of thawed E3-Live, and some stevia or agave nectar or raw honey for sweetness, and stir.  I usually add some of David Wolfe's Nature's First Food too just for good measure.  All but the grapefruits can be found at oneluckyduck.com (of course!).  It looks like murky swamp water, and will scare all your  non-like-minded friends, but it tastes excellent, and of course, feels good.  E3-Live is among the only supplements where I felt like I could in fact legitimately notice a difference... love it.

So my last piece of eating-related advice, if this is in fact what I am dispensing here and now, has to do with… music.  I'll elaborate more soon, but put on your favorite song, and feed your soul.  Usually that's what's really hungry.  Happy New Year! 




The last time I had stevia it tasted like crap. Is that pretty much the consensus, or do you think that ish was rancid?


I won't answer for Sarma, BUT......Stevia is super sweet and although completely natural, it probably does taste rancid at full strength. It sort of reminds me of Sweet N' Low (henious), but not so chemical-ish. I have read that naturally occuring Stevia is 32 times as strong as white table sugar. Perhaps we could try again by sprinkling with a light hand and enjoy!

Vegan Momma

Yes less is definitely key with stevia. If you use too much it will be downright nasty.
I will be growing my own stevia bushes this planting season. I am looking forward to making my own stevia tinctures/extracts.


I'm in love...dang, you fine.


Do you people feel like a part of this raw foods community.. I mean that's what it is right?


Last summer we had Stevia plants in the garden behind the outdoor seats in the patio. I bought them myself at the union square greenmarket. If you bite into a leaf, it's super sweet. The thing that fascinates me most about Stevia is that EVERYone does not use it. Yes... it is a bit like artificial sweetenters in that some people have an extra sensitivity to it, and if you use too much, it tastes kind of chemical-y. I use it all the time in my own shakes... but then I was also one of those poeple who used to rip open a handful of nutrasweet packets at one time and dump them over my "healthy" cereal in the morning. ick. anyway, my question for you, DHRU, is in what context did it taste rancid? Were you sucking it directly out of the packet? :) Did you add it to something and it made that something then taste rancid? I will do a celebratory dance of hopefullness and happiness when it's finally approved as an actual FOOD and not just a "supplement" that you have to go searching for, even in places like Whole Foods. Those little green packets should be everywhere...


I am going to try your favortite feel good food. I don't have lots of money, but I want one staple. Now I have 2 E3-Live and Nature's First Food. Thanks for sharing. I will be in NY in July 2006 I am sure I will stop at your restuarant and juice bar.


I hate Stevia. I just can't get over the chemical taste. I use raw agave nectar.

Jacquie Johnson

Greetings, Sarma and We Like it Raw crew. I am new to your site I am curious to what the drink is that Sarma is sipping. It's a green drink that looks like it may have some effervascence (seltzer...) or is it the recipe of E3Live, pink grapefruit...


Hi Jacquie,

I'm pretty sure it is the latter.


:))) Great post.. "For the first time, eating to feel good became the focus… an idea that seems obvious, yet most of us don't get it" - well said.

I think sometimes with raw food problem is how often you think of cooked food with nostalgia, instead of thinking about fresh raw food and how vibrant and delicious it is.. wow, my mouth is watering now.. watermelon? anyone? :D

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