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Jade Cafe - Explosively Delicious


-L.A. City Beat reviews Jade Cafe. Extremely favorably at that!

The first great thing about Jade Café – a raw, organic, vegan fusion restaurant near Sunset Junction in Silver Lake – is its relaxed, non-confrontational atmosphere. The small dining room beckons with dark wood furniture and warm red lighting; the staff is calm; and the menu offers no self-righteous mission statement.

For the uninitiated, raw food is purportedly outrageously nutritionally superior to its cooked counterpart. The theory (some say scientific fact) is that heating a food above 118 degrees substantially diminishes proteins and vitamins, concentrates pesticides, and, most critically, destroys enzymes that facilitate digestion and absorption. As partial proof, hardcore enthusiasts submit that humans are the only creatures on earth who cook their food, and they suffer the most diseases.

Happily, Jade Café celebrates “living food” but doesn’t shame you for every hamburger or even steamed veggie that’s passed your lips. Instead, renowned raw chef Lesa Carlson and operations manager Natally Raisin emphasize simply serving delicious meals.

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I'm suppose to be in the raw-guys-who-know-club and I didn't even know there was Jade Cafe! Good thing I get Google News Alerts for the keywords "raw food".  Anyway, can't wait to try Jade out when I'm in L.A. next.

Jade Cafe
1521 Griffith Park Blvd  (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
phone: 323-667-1551