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Mihir's Raw Food Round II.... I'm making a come back!


Hey everyone, this Mihir Kothari from the WLIR Squad and this is my Raw food Round Two post! If you don't want to read the full summary here is the short version.

Short version: I was overweight and sick. I moved in with Dhrumil during my college years and started eating raw. I felt great and transformed my life, but I didn't stick with the rawness. I've since gained back the weight, but I hate it and am ready for change. I'm starting by sharing my story today. Raw Food Round 2!

Full story: During my freshmen year in college (Aug 2001) I was roommates with WLIR editor Dhrumil Purohit. At the start of college I was a non-vegetarian that had many healthy issues that effected me on a daily basis. I was overweight, had acne, terrible asthma and heavy grass allergies. After living like this for years, I was committed to change! It just so happened that my eagerness to change was matched with right knowledge it would take to produce change....thank to my health mentors Nature Love and Dhrumil Purohit.

After one month of living with Dhrumil  my world had been turned upside down. I turned completely Veg-Raw from non-vegetarian at the skip of a beat. 4 Months into my change I had lost around 65 pounds. With this change, my life had finally taken a turn for the better!

I looked good, felt great, and my confidence was sky high! I felt as though I was untouchable. I had become the complete opposite of what I was before. Not only had I lost weight, but I had reversed my asthma, cleared my face and had no grass allergies anymore.

At the start of my sophomore year in college, I moved home and started eating a diet heavy in cooked foods again. Now, 8 months after graduation, I have gained weight again approximately 40 pounds in total since I had lost all the weight initially. Not only have I gained weight, but I break out more often, and my asthma is back.

1 Week ago I vowed to begin eating healthier (at least 1 raw meal a day). I have already lost approximately 6 pounds, and am starting to feel better. The goal for the next 82 days is to lose another 30 pounds.

The difference in approach between the first time and this attempt is significant. Previously, it was to just lose weight and look great. I thought I had to go completely raw to do that. However, I personally didn't feel that 100% raw was the most sustainable thing for me and my lifestyle. I felt deprived of certain foods I enjoyed and I also felt a little too slim. I'm also planning on spending more time on the education end. When I first started eating raw I didn't read and educated myself as to why this particular way of interacting with food worked. This time around, with the support of my buddies at WLIR, I plan on getting educated so that my lifestyle is backed with a solid foundation.

I can eat health consciously, by eating at least one raw meal a day. I love to eat, and this way I have the best of both worlds and can maintain balance in my life by cleansing regularly. Eating 60% to 80% raw (even thought I hate talking about percentages) is much better than eating 0%. This somewhat goes along with the saying of “The worst piece of fruit is better than the best piece of meat!”

Ask me again in 30 days where I stand in terms of my goal of losing weight and feeling great!



Mihir, you know I got your back! I say do what works for you and enjoy life.

I'm exciting to see you transform! You did it once you can so do it again.

Sandeep Sood

Mihir, this is going to be amazing - I admire the fact that you're putting yourself out there like this. We're gonna hold you down (and hold your a** accountable) from here on out!


The hardest part is getting over the plateau and then keeping the weight off. Being fat sucks major a** Good luck. I'm trying to lose weight too.


Mihir, remember your friend from Chitown? It's great to see you going raw again - good luck! Now you can be my mentor.

Michael Simmons

Hey Mihir,

Thank for sharing. I got your back too!!

- Michael


Congrats man!

I know we tried doing that down here, and even though we didnt stick with it, i'm glad to hear that youre doing it again, i'm gonna try it again too. I mean, with results like those, you can't go wrong.

Keep doing what you do


Nimesh Patel

yo dawg,
congratulations on the mind frame you've developed! seriously, it takes an inner strength to put yourself in front of people like this and know that you are going to overcome! Keep it going!


Mihir, ur going RAW again...wow, what a difference, but yo keep doing what ur doing, because it really works! I wish u all the best, and a great lifestyle!


well mihir, i know you can do it, you already did! i know its not the same, but i eat all raw on tuesday as my "mangar vaar" and that has easily been accomplished, so you're 60% raw a day seems to be quite feasable.i totally agree that eating 100% raw isn't always necessary, and if you achieve the same results on your plan, more power to you! and if u want a partner in ga, i'll gladly do it with you!the fact that you wont have to go as extreme as the first time should definitely ease the pressure. haha good luck!


Hey Mihir,

I don't know if you remember me, I'm dhru's cousin. We meet in San Fran. Wish you all the luck. Take care



I've seen these changes with my own eyes and it's amazing that you've come so far. Keep up the good work. Next...it's my turn!


Hey Mihir! I want to wish you the best of luck on your second round. You've done it once before, and I know you can do it again. You have my full support! All the best =)


Good luck with round two Mihir! AS you already know you have all of our support but I just wanted you to know that I respect what you are doing and am right there with you with the whole slowly incorporating raw into my diet! Take care, we know you can do it = ]




Good luck baby. I will be here as your running partner. Never neglect the workout, eat well, and we'll work together to achieve physical success. Muck love...


Hi Mihir ! Very happy to see you on net and that too with the awareness of the difference which raw food can make to your life!I myself was down with typhoid in my graduation year but thanks to this SSY - Siddha samadhi yoga programme i came across which completely changed my life .There they teach U about raw food and how yoga along with little meditation followed regulary can change your life.You can visit the site SSY.org for further knowledge .So keep it up!-Your Sister Sheetal.



Much love, you are an inspiration. You have the support of the entire Purohit family!!!!


hi mihir
i think what you are doing is fantastic! setting goals to feel good is important, i try to do monthly exercise goals, that seems less daunting.
one idea would be to waterfast one day a week, so your body gets a break from eating and this can help cut down on bad eating habits too, also you feel proud of yourself for making it 24 or 36 hours w/o food!
i find cutting out bread, pasta, rice, and sugar are the best ways to lose weight (too harsh? try cutting them out for 3 days at a time, then one day eat some, then 3 days not....)
whatever you do, i know you will reach your goals!
by the way you look fantastic in your rawfoto!
ariane in chicago


Hi Mihir !
I may be wrong but before anyone starts rawing physically ..you really have to prepare your spirit mind and emotions for the change. You can do this through websites, books ,cd's other raw folks etc
If this preperation is done then a gradual physical transitioning should be fairly straight forward..
Or look at it this way..
Would you love someone who constantly hurt you to the point you got ill ?

Why love foods that hurt you to the point you get asthma?
I have been raw for 8 years and cured myself of Rheumatoid Arthiritis and my kids of Asthma and Eczema and God knows how many label less symptoms ! I love respect the RAW lifestyle! The other way lacks depth...
Don't look back honey ...move forward and on... cooked does not serve us to be the best we can be . Not physically emotionally mentally or spiritually...

Also I don't like being a slave to anything or anyone ..its a ego/pride thing... so why be a slave to food that leave us "drugged" ..just keep your focus on who you want to be dear not where you fell in the past... GOOD LUCK !!
Lots of love

p.s check out my website in about a week's time...it may have some articles that help..


Mihir , hope things are going good for you.
Did I say check my website out in a week's time ! Aaaaargh..
Well , its up know ! Just over a week ago I was centrefold in one of England's top daily newspapers, The Daily Mirror! Over 3 million people buy this paper and it feels so good to expose my raw side to them !
I have a link to it on my website if you want a peak.


We'd love to see Jatinder.


lots of good mojo on your path form a total stranger...

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