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More Raw Food blogs for your reading pleasure

Here are two sites that I found recently which I'm sure that readers of this blog will enjoy.


Russell James - The Raw Chef

Russell is currently training to be a raw food chef and has traveled to the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California to undertake an apprenticeship which will see him returning there in 2006 to complete further training.

Russell is known to comment on his workouts, emotional eating, and even his after new years drank-too-much-wine-headache.


Jess - The Raw Lifestyle Coach

Jess is a raw food lifestyle coach who works and lives in London. Jess runs "a variety of programmes that help people transition from where they are now, onto eating a better quality diet that they enjoy and suits their lifestyle."

Jess is known to comment on what she's been munching on, coach abilities, and her experiences trying to order raw food at the Ritz.