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Reverse Your Diabetes on Gabriel Cousens dollar

So this is pretty cool! The Tree of Life Rejuvenation center is shooting a documentary film in reversing Adult Onset Type II Diabetes. They still need a few participants to make it happen, but hey, all expenses paid! Know anyone who's interested? Here's the details:

We are currently recruiting for a project that provides a rare and wonderful opportunity for persons suffering from Diabetes and we need your Help getting the word out!  Please Forward this notice to as many people as you can…

We are looking for five diverse and interesting people that are suffering from Adult Onset -Type II Diabetes to participate in a Documentary Film that will follow their progress as they embark on a path to improving their health at a world renowned health retreat in Arizona, where they will undergo a 100% Organic 100% Raw Food diet of the highest standard.

The Treatment Is All Expenses Paid
All participants will be under medical supervision as their response to the new diet is monitored. It is believed that adherence to a raw food regimen can be effective in treating and reversing diabetes. The 30-day treatment hopes to prove this as well as transform the diet and lifestyles of those involved. A new life awaits…

The 30-Day program will begin Jan 22rd, 2006. Call or write today for more information:

caaastng@aol, or call (323) 663-1176.



Please, if you can, get in touch w/ N.R. Kleinfeld of the New York Times. He's just done a couple of major articles regarding the diabetes epidemic among America's poor. It would be great, and attention getting for the poor, if some of the participants could be the low-income folks he highlighted in his major NY Times articles this week. Or please pass this on to Gabriel Cousens. I tried, but couldn't find Kleinfeld's contact info to forward this to him.


jk I've been perusing those articles myself. It's all a joke. I know someone with severe diabetes and they just don't care about exercise and raw food, even eating organic chicken with steamed vegetables is too much a chore. It's very frustrating to read such articles, knowing there are solutions like wheatgrass for instance.


Thanks for the comment Renee, I can understand your frustration. Hopefully, something will come of it. Tree of Life seems interested (they're incredibly caring & giving) and I emailed Mr. Kleinfield of the NY Times, I suppose it's in God's hands now. 100% raw can be hard (I'm not there by any means), but just being introduced to a healthier way of life may be helpful. Best. . .


Many popular diets are now diebetic friendly too. If a person just eats healthy they will have far less problems with their health including diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

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