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The best advice on diet ever!

I love Eckhart Tolle! In fact, I could pimp his teachings all day.  Scratch that, I do pimp his teachings all day! If you're one of my friends or a family member, The Power of Now is required reading. Just kidding......actually I'm not ;)

In a recent newsletter from the Tolle group, I read a communication exchange on the subject of diet between a reader of Tolle's and Tolle himself. I found it  so valuable and right on the money that I HAD to post it here.

Dear Eckhart,

I am a devoted listener of your words and the space in between them. I along with many others I know are wondering what kind of food diet you recommend in assisting our realization of present moment? Strictly vegetarian or are animal products ok?

Seth Leaf

Eckhart's Answer: I recommend listening to the body.  When you look at a food item (or imagine ingesting it) become still and alert.  You will then feel the body either opening up (saying “yes”) or you may notice a slight contraction, which means the body is saying “no”.  The body knows more about food than your mind ever will.

For a great introductory on Eckhart's teachings I highly recommend this pdf essay titled, The One Thing.