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The most comprehensive raw food survey ever

Lenka Jane Zajic, from the Tree of Life Masters program, has just released the survey results of the 926 individuals who took her raw food questionnaire.

View the results here

Here is some of the data that I expected:

  • 66.4% Female, 33.6% Male (always new more females were into raw)
  • 50% of respondents were 75% to 100% raw, but def vegan (makes sense)
  • 34.8% of respondents learned about raw food from a friend (this isn't some fad diet inspired by a book, this is a word of mouth movement we have going on)
  • When asked "How often did/do you overeat?" 54% of participants responded once or twice a week (after you've detoxed, the biggest hurdle in the raw diet is overeating!)

Here is some of the data that I found fascinating:

  • 27.9% of respondents said they were in the health industry (sounds pretty high to me)
  • 58.3% of respondents said they Juice Fasted before (this sounds right, but I never would have guessed it was so high)
  • 43.1% said they've water fasted before (this also seems very high, even I haven't water fasted before)

Very interesting results. I'm going to try to arrange an interview with Lenka Jane Zajic and see what her take on the results are.