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The ultimate Raw Food starter page

I'm trying to build the ultimate raw food starter page via Squidoo, a site that helps "experts" build resources hubs, and I'm looking for your feedback.

When you first started researching about raw food, what did you want to know? If you have just started your raw food exploration journey, what do you want to know and what would be extremely useful?

Here are some areas I'm planning on adding today:

  • Best starter appliances (juicer, food processor, blender)
  • Raw Food inside secrets: things you don't learn until eating primarily raw food for a year
  • Best Restaurants: pretty self explanatory

What else?



I wanted to know about the different types of produce (and ended up buying a produce guide which has been helpful). I also wanted to know what fruits and veggies are in season and, subsequently, what meals I can make with them. AND, last but not least, how to eat raw on the cheap.


Good idea.

My question relates to raw nutrition (super broad, I know). I guess what i mean is eating the right foods in proper balance to maintain energy.

Like what if I my diet was primarily mesclun salad, essene bread and avocado? What if it was primarily sea vegetable salads and nut meats? Would it be a well rounded diet?

This is a nagging question of mine as I am well versed in Vegetarian/Vegan diet and how to maintain nutrition and energy but I haven't found an answer for this since I've been raw and although I feel lucid and light I am very low on energy.


R. Day

I think it would be a good idea to post a few basic recepies for each meal; a few simple breakfasts, lunches, and dinners so that new people can get started. Maybe recepies that aren't so complicated.

I have been mostly raw for about three months. I just ate at your restaurant for the first time last night. The lasagne, awesome; so fresh and soooooo good! The oyster mushroom entree, although it tasted great, seemed more like an appetizer than a meal; just not very filling and not enough food.
But i'll be back.



What's up guys,

Having introduced many people to this "crazy" way of eating, I have 3 suuggestions:

1) A grocery list, along with 3-5 basic recipes to get newbies started. I always get the question, "So I want to try raw, but what do I eat?".

2) A list of recipes for our 3 month+ newbies. Most people raw after 3 months (including myself), usually have that feeling of, "Okay I'm digging raw because I feel soooooo amazing, but I'm sick of eating just salad and fruit!!"

3) A couple of raw friendly remedies to help those of us who were eating a primarily SAD diet, get over the almost certain healing crisis.

On another note, a quick story. My good friend, and raw mentor Dhrumil (Chief editor of welikeitraw), was the one who introduced me to a rawfood lifestyle. So you would figure that if he's going to introduce me to it, he'll at least help me get started... right?!?!. WRONG!!! My first night grocery shopping I spent 3 hours in Mother's Market and walked out with one bag, which by the way cost me $150.

Good lesson though. Like anything in life it's about learning to be comfortable with not knowing what you're doing. That's the best way to help your friends into rawfood... in the beginning throw them into the deep end and let them swim... but always jump in to support them.

Peace out,


Dhru- sorry about selling you out, but I thought it was pretty funny. :)


Hahahaha, sorry Gabe. I have no idea what I was thinking. You know I love you!


Nice idea - thanks! I'm on day 12 of a transition from vegetarian to raw, so would love a site/resource like this. Here are some of my questions:

1) how do people store fruits and veggies, especially those not stored in the fridge--my kitchen is being taken over - what are the best ways to store different kinds of fruits/veggies to avoid tripping over them and to avoid spoilage?

2) best books that introduce basic concepts about a raw diet - nutrition, recipes, produce guide, practical hints

3) "how to" illustrations - how to open a young coconut, cut a mango, etc

4) simple recipes that don't use a lot of exotic ingredients

thanks - I look forward to it! - patti


Something I wish I had thought more about was how to deal with eating raw food around other people who weren't on the diet (luckily when I tried the diet, my mum was on it too, and although we're not on it now we're glad we did it) and how to talk about it without going insane from all the questions people ask you and susequently looking insane. Hehe, I guess those are really open ended topics. :P


Can you please emphasize how fun eating raw is? I think people make it too difficult at the beginning. I was on/off again raw for a while, and finally last summer I found how enjoyable it really is and I haven't stopped. Some days I eat all fruit, some days all veggies, some days all trail mix. But it's fun, natural and completely stress free.



Starting off I learned its important to have an "emergency stash" for when those afternoon cravings hit, or when the rest of the gang is making a "run to the border". I personally love mixing a pound of cashews with a pound of date pieces, with maybe a pound of trail mix (for a bit of randomity). That would last about a week (or a day, depending on the stess)

Having a good starter book helps keep the motivation up. I recommend "Blatant Raw Foodist Progadanda!" by Joe Alexander. Its a bit dated, but the dude is funny, and it presents a great overview. If you are the type of person that needs "proof", go with "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbel. Also, anything by David Wolfe or Gabriel Cousens.

And everyone else that already stated it: have a list of recipes ready to go! Salad gets old real fast (especially when you haven't learned how to really make great salads yet... but oh, you will! I eat at least one a day, and each time is different).

And last but not least, get a friend to join you for support, if you can find one willing. That is invaluable!


Perhaps you might want to elaborate on why different people experience different symptoms when transiting to raw. For example, three of us became raw 100% overnight and I noticed almost immediate changes whereas the other only experienced minor. The only experience Bri had was losing weight dramatically within months (he was overweight).

Ah ha! Beauty tips such as using Raw Apple Cider vinegar as shampoo, avocado/orange juice/coconut oil as conditioner, etc etc etc

*thinking* My gears are in motion!

How to start raw cheap. You read so much and feel you have to go out and by all this equipment...I am happy I did not. But this could turn people away from raw. and very simple recipes so as not to complicate things adn turn someone away.

Also, alternative to replace additions to cook food like junk food.

Good supplements like E3-Live and Nature's First Law and why they are needed.


You need to change your spelling...

What I'm trying to do hear ...

Should be

What I'm trying to do here...


It's a real pleasure to visit this blog site. I was wondering if you could offer some advice on going raw for people with herpes? Both herpes simplex I and II (oral and genital) are triggered from eating certain foods like nuts and seeds, things that are pretty essential to the raw diet. Any advice you can offer would be fantastic! Thanks!



If you are trying avoid nuts, my suggestion is you check out http://www.fredericpatenaude.com

He has an e-book called Raw Secret. Lots of non-nut recipes.

Ulrike Pohlig

I would like something easy to follow to help get raw - I agree you are intimidated by all of the equipment to begin with not to mention the expense. To draw people into a healthier diet it's enough to ask them to dramatically change their lifestyles without throwing in a kitchen make-over. Transitional recipes should be fun, easy, require minimal processing - something you can do with a blender and food processor before deciding to ramp up to all kinds of more expensive machinery.

Advice on supplements would be helpful - I've done some research and already I have so many conflicting viewpoints to wit, drink a lot of water, or don't need water if you have leafy greens, need D or B12, need protein, hello? Someone should just draft some sensible easy meal plans, which can be made with basic equipment, list the supplments you need, and help people get started without being overwhelmed.

I decided to start by ordering The Box from Rawvolution because I wanted to compare food to recipes and figure out what I really liked and also could make. I can easily then work with fruit for breakfast or blended soups and shakes. I realize that's expensive and maybe i should just hang out for four weeks and order a VitaMix, but my experience with diets (failed so far) is that if they are horribly hard to stick to you won't or you will crave food that's off the diet or you will binge at the earliest opportunity. I've had it with spending money on failed diet projects (and I think many people are out there who feel the same).

So before I remake my kitchen into a raw paradise I want to make sure I will actually consider it such and be happy living there and learn to make raw for myself - i.e. become a reasonable raw cook because ultimately to be happy with this diet choice I think you need to be able to make decent meals for yourself.

I ordered Frederic Patenaude's book because he said don't let yourself get ripped off by people vending the "latest super food". I thought that was endearing especially coming from someone trying to promote raw and it made me look more closely at what was being pushed as a "necessity" for a raw lifestyle. I also got the Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose because she actually suggest transitional diets and offers menus.

How about RAW and SIMPLE? Like anyone can do this even someone without beaucoup bucks.

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