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Waste = Food, the TerraCycle way


Miracle Grow sucks so bad. Plus it's toxic as hell. I'm so glad I stumbled onto TerraCycle!

TerraCycle produces a powerful, organic, eco-friendly plant food that is the first mass-produced product in the world to be packaged in used plastic soda bottles. To go even further, the entire product is made out of garbage - from the contents to the packaging. As a result, TerraCycle Plant Food is the first mass-produced consumer product to have a negative environmental footprint.

The company's flagship product, TerraCycle Plant Food™, is an all-natural, all-organic, 'goof-proof' liquid plant food made from waste (worm poop) and packaged in waste (reused soda bottles)!

Check out this amazing interview with the 23-year-old-drop-out-founder Tom Szaky.



um, why is there a pepsi bottle where it says 'orhcid plant food?'


they use old pepsi bottles as packaging.

Jon Beyer

On TerraCycle's website, there is an image where the finished TerraCycle bottles turn back into the raw waste bottles as you mouse over them. I'm guessing that Dhrumil took a screen capture while his mouse was rolled over an image. The real orchid bottle looks like http://www.terracycle.ca/img/products/glow_or_finished.jpg

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