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Wheatgrass Entourage


One of our favorite shows here are We Like It Raw is HBO's Entourage. One of our favorite episodes of Entourage is Episode 05, Script and the Sherpa. Here is the summary:

Vince is dating a new girl, Fiona, and the rest of the crew are not happy about the new relationship. Fiona is an outspoken vegan, causing Vince to rearrange his routine to try and keep her happy. This doesn't sit well with Turtle, Eric and Drama, who all see her as a potential Yoko Ono, ready to ruin Vince's career... along with the sweet setup that they've established.

Although the show clearly pokes fun at vegans and portrays wheatgrass as the drink from hell, we still love it because its funny. And when it comes to vegan, organic, and raw food, any press is good press! Hey, at least someone thinks we're funny enough to talk about.

Here's another one of my favs is the famous Sex In The City - Episode 76:

Meanwhile, when Samantha introduces the girls to a "raw foods" restaurant, she discovers that she wants something that's not on the menu... a date with the hot waiter. Unfortunately, Samantha isn't the only woman interested in the staff. Later in the week, Sam returns to the restaurant, determined to be the last one there at the end of the night, allowing her to take the waiter home for dessert. After many hours (and four courses of uncooked food), Samantha finally gets her man and soon finds out that he was worth both the wait and the wheatgrass.

We hope 2006 has more fun to poke at the world organic, raw and vegan!