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WLIR weclomes Dhruva, our newest squad member


WLIR would like to welcome Dhruva Sood, the newest addition to our raw food entourage. Dhruva was born at 1:20 am on January 18, 2006 to WLIR Squad member Sandeep Sood and wife Deepa Sood.

Dhruva is still practicing his typing skills, but in the mean time he'll be sure to post a few audio blogs on what it's like being a baby with a father who loves cucumbers, avocados and gojis and a mother who quote, "Wouldn't drink a green smoothie if it was the last ounce of liquid on earth!"

You know we love you Deepa!


Sandeep Sood

Ha ha - thanks for the love, Dhru! From one Dhru to another, we're gonna keep it raw up in here.


Hey is that the pic of the baby??? :D Congrats on the new addition!

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