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A typical WLIR dinner


Above: Mihir, Nirav, Deepa & Sandeep.

I (Dhru) took this photo while hanging out with half of the WLIR Squad in San Fran this past weekend. It is pretty much an accurate portrait of an average WLIR dinner.

  1. Un-toasted Nori: used to make nori wraps filled with fresh vegetables and salad

  2. Guacamole: used to add some heartiness to the nori wrap

  3. Wine: Now you know why Deepa, (Sandeep's Wife & Dhruva's Mom), is so happy! Most of the WLIR Squad can't have wine on a regular basis because it doesn't work with our system, but we have been known to bust out the alcohol occasionally. And yes we know alcohol is the product of decay.

  4. Raw Food Crackers: Not sure which crackers we had that evening, but we typically use something like Rosemary Crackers to add the crunchy texture that a lot of raw foodist feel they miss.

  5. Heirloom Tomato & Avocado Melody: A nice vegetable mix to back inside of a nori wrap

  6. Banging Kale Salad: Our all time favorite salad. Contains kale marinated with scallions, sea salt, flax oil, lemon juice.

  7. Deepa's Pizza: Hey...some like it raw and some like it cooked! At an average meal we typically have people who enjoy both types of foods....no discrimination here. In fact, people who have never tried a raw dish before tend to eat more raw food at their meal if the option is present. Take Deepa for instance, she decided to eat healthy that evening by placing a little bit of Guacamole on her pizza. Go Deepa! ;)

  8. Tahini Dressing: Simple dressings that aren't too thick tend to work best. We are basically saying don't serve up any of that thick green goup that sound raw foodist call dressing. Dressing should taste like...well.....dressing. Here is the recipe for the one we used that evening.

  9. Water: The more fresh raw food you eat the less drinking water you need. That being said, it is always nice to have around.