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Baylor science professor authors two books on living live

Interesting raw worthy new from Balyor University:

Dr. Richard Couey, a Baylor University health sciences professor, has authored two new books examining ways to improve health. The first book, "Living Longer: The Magic of Enzymes and Nutrition," is a compilation of questions and answers that acts as a reference guide. The second book, "The Happy Cell," explores how the mind, body and spirit can change the chemistry of our bodies.

Co-authored by Couey and Dr. DicQie Fuller, founder and president of the Transformation Enzyme Co., "Living Longer," which is a revised edition to its 1996 predecessor, explores why nutrition and enzymes are essential to human health. Enzymes are the spark that speeds up the chemical reactions in our cells. Humans can not function if our bodies do not get the 45 required nutrients along with the enzymes to deliver those nutrients. The book argues there are steps people can take to get the right enzymes and that can control things like obesity, cholesterol and even prevent heart disease. Couey said many times cooking food destroys the enzymes our body needs, so eating as much raw food as possible is better.

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