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David's Quick Tips for healthy living

A list of 8 quick tips from David Wolfe.

1. Go organic. Start shopping in an organic food store.

2. Grow your own fruits and vegetables.

3. Read, read, read. Leaders read. Educate yourself.

4. Get inspired. Inspiration moves the world.

5. Approach all food with an attitude of gratitude. Yes, the planet is loaded with toxic foods, but we also have access to the best, most exotic raw vegetarian foods now more than ever! Everything is karmically balanced in the universe. The worse it gets, the better it gets too.

6. Experiment using the trial and success method. Find what works for you.

7. Drink fresh vegetable juice daily.

8. Add superfoods to your diet: bee pollen, spirulina, blue-green algae, maca root powder, goji berries, cacao beans, etc.