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Dixie Cooked, Dixie Raw


Dixie, a health educator and midife (more than 500 babies over the last 27 years), shares her life changing results, (special thanks to Stephen for the link):

My philosophy is this, “If we look to the earth, the natural flow of our bodies, trust our bodies and learn their language then we will never be lead astray in our own health.”

I believe humans have the knowledge within them to be stewards over their lives and health.  We have forgotten that knowledge.  If we put forth a little effort we can remember it or relearn it.  We have given our power over to many other people, governments and institutions.  We have lost faith in our own ability, our bodies and lives ability to heal.

The body is always going toward healing.  It detoxes us on a constant basis.  When or if we get sick ask what kind of fuel am I giving my body? We just need to learn what the body is telling us.  Do we need more water?  Do we need to rest from food for a few days?  It will be different for each of us.

We are all very different but also very much the same. We have similar problems, ills and concerns.  If we separate from one another then we are alone.  We need to come together in order to help and assist one another.  What I may know you might not and visa versa.  Thus we can help each other.

There is no place for judgment of one another because we are all doing our best with what we know and what information we have available to us.  What may work for me might not work for you.  As long as the goal is to become healthier and eat mostly our natural diet that should be all that counts.

I believe love and acceptance of each other is huge.  If we are eating a vegan living food diet and have a desire to become more peaceful in our lives, then we will be going in the right direction.  Peace will not happen on this earth till we have it in our own hearts.

Whether you choose the 80-10-10, fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, eating some grains or something else, the mind heart and spirit needs to be in alignment with what we are fueling the body with for a peaceful life to come about.  This starts with loving the self first which involves more than can be written here.  Then it travels to our families and the world.

Our lives are like building a tapestry.  By looking at only a small circle of the tapestry we miss the whole picture.  It’s the ins and outs of the weave, the torque of the loom, the colors of the thread, the shading. We look in only bits and pieces.  By avoiding the whole picture we miss the beauty the abundance, the awe, the full ramifications of our creation.  We miss the lessons we need to learn about our existence.  We must be willing to see the whole picture or the whole tapestry.  As in being gentle, kind, and compassionate with ourselves first.  Then we can be kind, gentle, and compassionate with others as well.  Otherwise our giving is not 100% genuine.  It is about relaxing into the comfort of raw eating.  Not forcing, not driving, not pushing, but flowing into the pure thought and joy of being raw.  Are we only eating raw or are we truly being raw?

More on this in my book.  Just do your best don’t be so hard on yourself and have fun and share your success with us and others.  By being a good example we can influence many other lives.