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Happy Birthday WLIR

It was one year ago today that WLIR made it's first post. No serious attention was placed on the site until August 2005, but it's good to know that some ideas, no matter how long they take to get going, are totally worth manifesting.

Along these same lines, I don't know anyone that has ever made a "smooth" transition to a primarily raw foods diet, (at least no one that has been doing it long term and sustainably). Hick-ups and and yo-yoing are part of the process. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can let go of holding on to the thought that things should be any other way than they are currently.

Here's to your health!



Yay, Happy One Year Anniversary - and here's to many more!

I live in Northern Cali (north bay area) and I've really enjoyed reading your articles and attitude about all things raw foods. I get such a good feeling visiting this web page - it feels like real life, like real people, like people who don't take it all too seriously...like, We LIKE it raw! Thanks for that and, indeed, keep bringing on the elightenment and enjoyment.

Feeling so grateful!

Jason ^.^


Congratulations on your success and Happy Birthday!! Your site is one of my favorites for real-world raw food information.


happy birthday!
(you are so right about the hickups.)


Happy Birthday! I hope there will be many more to come!

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