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Happy Raw Food Links

Raw Eggs Update: Dr. Mercola, the famous internet health guru and advocate of a 75% raw food diet has an update on eating raw eggs

Angelica's Kitchen Review: We ate the raw food options at this restaurant about 1 year ago and weren't too impressed. Raw Food is my flying carpet blog has an official review.

Raw Revolution Bars: Raw Indulgence, the company that brought you the Heavenly Whole Food Brownie, has just announced a new line of raw food bars. Flavors include: Chocolate & Cashew, Chocolate & Coconut, Cashew & Agave Nectar, Raspberry & Chocolate. Hmmmm, can anyone say chocolate?

The Raw Food Solution with Paul Nison: Great introductory article on raw food and Paul's experiences eating raw:

"I find that people eat too much sugar, too much fat, too much protein and too little green food," says Paul. "Then they switch to a vegetarian diet, but keep doing the same thing, and keep running into the same problems. Then they switch to a raw diet, but continue to eat too much sugar and too much fat and too little green food, and they run into the same health problems."

Raw Food Porn: Photos of amazing raw food dishes by tofu66 of What The Hell Does A Vegan Eat Anyway?

Donna Karan is on point: Apparently Donna Karan has been into eating a some sort of raw diet for the last three years. Not only that, but she uses yoga and meditation as inspiration. (more here, and here).