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Kissing + Raw Food

This may come across as a little foreign or even weird to individuals not familiar with raw foods, so just know that you've been warned.

Has anyone else had any issues with cold sores, stuffy nose, soar throat and/or excess mucus when kissing someone who isn't eating a mostly raw diet? (Not just one single kiss, I'm talking about somene you'd be in a relationship with).

I'm bringing this up because I have had issues and I wanted to know if a) I'm going nuts, or b) if this is something that other people have experienced as well.

I've never been in a relationship with a girl who was only eating raw food, so I can't contrast in that sense, but when a girl who I was dating at the time only ate only raw foods, for weeks at a time, the side effects of kissing her vanished.

So am I going nuts or what?

p.s. I've been eating all most all raw for the last 5 years. This situation started kicking in about 1 year into my journey.



Hmm... no comments yet. You know what this means. "A"

Sandeep Sood

Dhru, find a woman who lives on pizza and fritos. According to most experts I have researched, this is the only way to build your immune system and foster your inner player.

Bell Chung

hmm, I've never been with a guy who was into RAW, but it is definately something interesting to think about...


Maybe I'll setup a "scientific study" ; )

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