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Mexico's 'Alternative' Clinics

NPR News had a great audio segment last week on Mexico's 'Alternative' Clinics.

Much of the expanded coverage of these clinics is in response to Coretta Scott King's controversial death at one of Mexico's famous clinics, Hospital Santa Monica, (which has since been shut down).

Nothing specifically about raw foods in the audio, but still highly recommend.




I listen to Gary Null and he was on fire about these clinics the week of Coretta Scott King's death. I've been doing some of my own research and if you put the death reate at these clinics compared to the standard hospitals, well the standards are guilty of more quackery than anyone else. What was left out of the early news reports was that she was only there for four days and not even treated yet. After the people get put through hell by doctors and their insurance sucked dry, these clinics are like a last hope thing.

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