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Nouveau Tupperware Parties

If you give people the right resources to help them make educated life decision, in an fun and familiar manner, they'll flourish!

Here's a neat little article in emagazine.com that showcases one suburban women's attempt to do just that.

Extreme Makeover: Green Edition1135029706cn_rosieorganic
As “Eco” Moves Mainstream, Experts Are There to Help

Natural Neighborhood’s Rosie Haas says that though she’s only had her business up and running since Earth Day 2005, the enthusiasm for her young company is growing faster than a new kitten. Based in her home in Norwalk, Connecticut, Natural Neighborhood sells soy and beeswax candles, raw food snacks, tea, coffee and chocolate, trail mixes, snack bars, pet supplies and food, pasta sauces and toddler treats as part of Haas’ ever-expanding “eco-parties.”

In the 1950s, in-home Tupperware parties were all the rage, but today’s Tupperware event is often online. Natural Neighborhood maintains a thriving online catalog, but Haas also goes the old-fashioned route by traveling to people’s homes and selling her wares personally to small groups. Besides retailing natural foods and gifts, she also educates the groups on the importance of buying organic, fair trade and locally made items. “Every time I go into someone’s home for a party, I know that I am recruiting and building a new customer base, and also teaching them,” says Haas, who loves to work with people who have limited knowledge of natural products.

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