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Photos from the Muse


Two months ago the WLIR squad was in California. During that time period we ate at most of the Bay Area raw food hot spots, but we forgot to take photos! So on our last visit, earlier this month, we decided to retrace our steps with a camera in hand.

Here are our photos from a trip to Berkeley's famous Cafe Muse.

If you start drooling over the lasagna photo, like we did, have no fear....the recipe is here.



Kirsten Quint Brown

Thank you for covering this lovely restaurant. I go to UC Berkeley when I'm not massaging and I eat at Cafe Muse at least once a week. My favorite thing there is the lasagna. Thank you for the recipe. I've tried it at home but it's never the same as at Cafe Muse. You can guess what I won't be cooking tonight.

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