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Sandeep's first post

Hi, my name is Sandeep Sood, and I should not be writing for this blog.  Why?  Because, like everyone else, I contradict myself frequently.  But, in my case, there is a contradiction that hits pretty hard.

  • I eat 75% raw.  It has changed my health for the better, and I am loving it.
  • I run a consulting firm.  My second largest client is a pharmaceutical company.  Yup, sorta like them.

Now that I've layed that on the line, I'm going to try to persuade you that this is a good thing.  Over the next few months of blogging at welikeitraw, I am going to be bringing you my perspective.  I am going to be telling you why I still love cooked food.  I am going to be ragging on my raw food mentor as much as possible.  I am going to be making fun of yippies (even though in my circle, I am one).

And, hopefully, it'll be a good time.

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Dude, this is the best post ever! Haha. I totally wasn't expecting you to post. Sandeep always has surprises.


Sandeep, you also have to tell our readers about the lovely deepa sood.


Sandeep you have my full support!


What a funny post! LOL


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