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What Should My Clothes Be Made Of?

Chances are if you pay attention to what you eat, you pay attention to what you wear. Via Treehugger.

What Should My Clothes Be Made Of?

Our favourite investigative eco-journalist Lucy Siegle of the Observer Magazine has been getting in between the warp and the weft of eco-fabrics this week. The first thread she tackles is the misapprehension that natural fibres are more eco-friendly than synthetics. The organic cotton industry for instance, has been growing steadily since Patagonia's fibre analysis back in the 1990s revealed that ‘Globally, cotton production accounts for the use of 22 per cent of all agricultural insecticides (about $2.5bn worth).’ It is not until very recently though that the organic cotton has broken through into the main stream. The measure of the fashion industry's awareness is that British high street stores, such as Topshop, Oasis and Marks & Spencer have all recently announced that they will stock organic and fairtrade clothing ranges.


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