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Why do most raw food websites suck?

Is it us, or do most raw food websites, especially the online stores, pretty much suck?

Yes? No? What are your thoughts and what sites are on your favorites list.



I think they are really challenging to find your way around and they seem sort of rinky-dink (is that a word?). Yep, I have to agree, they pretty much suck.

Sandeep Sood

I think it has something to do with what I would call a "hippy aesthetic" as well...you know, put some flowers and a sun as a pattern background and use tie-dye colors. Looks good in nature, maybe, but not on my screen.

Russell James

Hi Dhrumil,

I agree and I think Sandeep has hit the nail on the head (I think that might be an English expression!:-))

I have been trawling through lots of websites in the last few days for a project i'm doing and by the third one it was a real chore - if I have to read one more 'why eat raw?' section i'm going to fall asleep!!! Why can't can't anyone write an interesting description of why we eat this way? I haven't managed to do it myself yet either!

I've purposely avoided the 'hippy aesthetic' in my blog and website, which is still being designed. I think it's the reason (sorry, one of many reasons!)your WLIR blog is so popular, it's completely different, fresh, objective and pulls in ordinary folks who just want to do the best for themselves, in terms of health.



I like NaturalZing.

Steven Gibb

It seems there are two types of people in this movement. As stated above...the airy fairy hippie dippy types that are very right brained with little business sense or an appreciation for professionalism. However, its not their fault as this is the was they were wired from the womb. The other type would be the left brain thinker who is all about business. There are few of us who have both of these qualities but are few! therefore we must depend on someone who has the other half of the equation to compliment our venture. When you contact a web designing business they should have at least two people on their staff. One left brain who know html in his sleep and the other a graphic artist or visionary who can see what the site should look like. There is no such thing as a web designer who can do both well.

So with that said, people who want to make living food a living should bring people who compliment their talents bring their site or project to life. Money can also be a problem because people are trying to put something together on a shoe string. This creates the “steal from Paul to pay peter syndrome” and you will lever get ahead of the game. One option is to write a business plan and then hire a grant writer to help you get a grant for a new business. Don't try to write or apply for the grant yourself as you’re sure to fail.

Bottom line is...you know what you strengths and weaknesses are. So, find someone you trust to become a partner or hire people that compliment what you gave to offer but are not equipped with. Strengths are recognizing our weaknesses rather that saying I can do it all on my own.

When I view the living food movement I see so many who are right brained and don’t have a clue. In fact...out of the hundreds of websites, there are only a handful that come close to promoting the living food lifestyle in a professional matter.

When you visit my site www.rawfriends.com you will notice is fairly well laid out. I was able to hire two professionals to help me build it after I had the idea. Yes it did cost money but it takes money to make money. I work on my site often asking people for feedback because I realize I don’t have all the answers. Customers are the end result of a good website and we must tap into them asking for what THEY want rather than what we think they want!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

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