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50 Great Reasons to Go Raw

by Karen Knowler aka The Raw Food Coach

  1. To have unlimited energy
  2. To increase my clarity
  3. To reach my natural weight
  4. To improve my memory
  5. To support farmers
  6. To have sharper concentration
  7. To conserve enzymes
  8. To raise my vibration
  9. To rejuvenate and reverse signs of aging
  10. For spiritual expansion
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Hi! Just a quick comment to let you know how much I like this site--I've been recently really getting into raw/living foods and this is certainly one of the best sites I've come across. I'm kind of in awe of the raw foods lifestlye, and look forward to continual inspiration and information at this site.


Great list! I'm printing it out and putting it on the wall in the kitchen! I struggle sometimes and it's good to have the reminders of all the good of RAW - rather than focus on what I miss of SAD. Thanks...


Wow, that list IS totally inspir-RAW-tional!!! I think I'm gonna do the same as Elle and put it up in my kitchen too.


I don't want to sound like a jerk, but the ones about "raising my vibration" and "spirtual expansion"...I really think that alienates people and I think if raw food is going to get more mainstream I think people need to leave their spirtuality and religion out of it.

and what does "raise my vibration" mean exactly? I think new-agey people were the first ones to get on the raw food bandwagon

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

In response to the last comment: I hear you. It's one I've 'battled' with over the years - do you bring in the subject of spirituality or leave it out? We can't deny it's a major factor for most people, whether it's verbalised/conscious or not. It is after all, connecting back to source - natural unprocessed foods.

NB: The original post, which is on my blog and which this site links to, said this was a list compiled from what *other people* have said. So it's not our words but theirs. Different people have different experiences on a raw food diet and that's a good thing. We each find those who we have the same motivations as us and that makes the journey all the sweeter.

For my own part, the 'spiritual' component has been my major driving force. If it was just about eating a bunch of fresh produce and feeling pious, then I think my interest may have waned a very long time ago. It's the benefits from eating this way that 'keep me on the path' - and of course they will be different from person to person.

For me it's the connection I feel - to myself, to others, to nature, to the planet. That has been my biggest payoff. And my energy has gone through the roof, which is also hugely attracive as a pay-off.

The spiritual stuff may not be for you, and either way it's perfect. Take from your journey what you need and leave the rest behind. Just be sure to enjoy it and to get the most from it : )

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