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Raw Food Round Two, Part Two


Hey everyone, this Mihir Kothari again from the WLIR Squad and this is my Raw food Round Two Part Two post! If you haven't read my story yet, check it out!

It has been beyond 45 days since my last post. I feel as though I have made some progression but not nearly as much as I had hoped. I have lost about another 4-5 pounds since my last post. So I am posting here today to ask for everyone's assistance. Email me, post a comment, do anything you can think of to help keep me motivated and headed in the right direction! Send me some consequences, or some challenges. I'm willing to take anything on. My goal is to lose 15 Pounds in 40 days. I've done it before and I know I can do it again! I just need people to keep me in check! I'm hoping I can hold some readers accountable!