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Raw Food Round Two, Part Two


Hey everyone, this Mihir Kothari again from the WLIR Squad and this is my Raw food Round Two Part Two post! If you haven't read my story yet, check it out!

It has been beyond 45 days since my last post. I feel as though I have made some progression but not nearly as much as I had hoped. I have lost about another 4-5 pounds since my last post. So I am posting here today to ask for everyone's assistance. Email me, post a comment, do anything you can think of to help keep me motivated and headed in the right direction! Send me some consequences, or some challenges. I'm willing to take anything on. My goal is to lose 15 Pounds in 40 days. I've done it before and I know I can do it again! I just need people to keep me in check! I'm hoping I can hold some readers accountable!



Mihir, your my hero.


Wsup???? Man, i know ur not slippin!!! U gotta make it happen!! If u were still down in ATL...Kartik, Tracy & I would keep u in line!! We miss ya alot! Stonebrige is just not the same without u!!! Keep ur head up high and strive 4 ur goals!!! Good luck & keep it RAW ;)


Sandeep Sood

Yo man - we are all proud of the huge change you've made in your life already. Keep it moving!

Ankit Shah


I challenge you to not look at the scale for the next 40 days. Rather, I want you to look in the mirror every morning and ask yourself how you feel. Weight loss is just too arbitrary a standard. You could be losing water weight, losing muscle, losing fat, etc, but the point is you'll never know. Instead, take the next 40 days and continue on your path. Add something interesting like weight lifting, playing basketball, or climbing Mt. Everest. You'll know you've reached your goal when you like what you see in the mirror, and that's all the motivation you need.

Keep your purpose up!


yeah, weight loss to me isn't as important as just feeling better and my energy level. and another I noticed was how much my skin improves... (and I used to have a really bad problem with dandruff before raw food...)


Mihir, looks like you already have such a great support group - I'm envious! It's pretty much me, myself and I over here, as I'm trying to do this raw journey as well! I found having raw books on visible display around my apartment helped me and reading something inspirational before I go to bed and when I wake up usually felt good (e.g.,"I Am Willing To Change") or writing deep thoughts on paper that took me places I never thought existed in my mind. Yeah, I agree with the others above that a fun regular hobbie or exercise program (like yoga, hiking, or dancing) helped me a lot 'cause it brought the attention to my body, therefore increasing my self esteem and put me on a schedule which decreased the amount of downtime I would think about cooked food. yeo,it's real cliche, but really, put on some serious booty shaking music and you should "dance like no one's looking" from time to time. I love inventing new nasty hip-hop routines and bustin' all out - feeds the soul and alleviates the stresses. I noticed my body was doing crazy bends and moves it was never able to do when I was eating cooked.

Evolution is a grand thing. Even if you do have a slip, never stop yourself from shining bright. And remember to enjoy life brother!


Thank you all for your great comments and feedback. You have already made it 1000x easier for me with all your thoughts, and challenges. I will keep you all updated on my progress.




How many pounds are you down now ??? Is your diet completely raw ??

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