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Bugs are cool, but not food

These bugs are cool, (via 37signals).

I can't even imagine that there are people out there that would want to eat them! Hah, that kinda reminds me of this interview done with David Wolfe a few years back:

Bob Avery: But don't all primates eat insects, including all of homo sapiens' progenitors? They are even eaten to this day in many human societies.

David Wolfe: Many primates eat their own feces too. Soon. We'll have people claiming we need to eat our own feces to be healthy! The fact that we are naturally averse to eating bugs speaks strongly. We have a natural biological design for certain types of foods (raw fruits and vegetables). If we want to actualize our true potential we need to obey that design--this is Nature's First Law

Bob Avery: Is there a legitimate place for any animal foods at all in the human dietary--eggs, milk, honey, bee pollen?

Daivd Wolfe: Well, here's the test. What foods are we naturally attracted to? Out in Nature foraging, what do we desire to eat? Bugs? People are averse to eating bugs intuitively and have to actually force themselves to do it. Eggs? Raw eggs taste horrible and why eat them anyway?! Bee pollen? Try and get the bee pollen naturally and see what happens! My answer to the animal food issue is that when you try to eat them naturally, you realize how ridiculous the whole thing is.




Oh pulease, talk about illogic. The fact that some Westerners find aversion to eating bugs speaks nothing of their "naturalness" in the diet. Many people past and present have eaten bugs and other animals. Heck, our brain size has been found tied to increased carnivory in the Paleolithic human diet. Mr. Wolfe also fails to mention the fact that some non human primates eat small mammals.

Can you get all of the vitamins and essential fatty acids humans need in a raw vegan diet, without taking supplements? That is the test of how natural a diet is, and the answer is no (dha is not so easily converted from flax and b-12 must be supplemented). Also, how natural is it to need a coach to eat, as many raw vegans who find the diet so difficult do? Those humans who live closest to nature - native tribes of past and present - all consume some animal foods, raw and cooked.





Haha, good points.

Here is one thing I think I can add to this discussion:

Whether or not humans are suppose to eat bugs, meat or even cooked foods, the reality is that they do eat it those things. So my bad that I made it seem like it was wrong. I think that is just me on my lazy raw food soap box. So I don't think it is wrong or right, and the reality is that humans eat everything. The focus of this blog is, however that while you CAN eat everything, it may not be the most optimal for you.

Also, can you forward me a photo of you eating a cockroaches? I'll post it on the blog. ;)


The problems with the argument are many.

1. Here's proof that people find bugs tasty:

2.It is not as hard as David Wolfe says to get honey. All you have to do is to put something smoking under a bee hive and they will leave the hive thinking that it is on fire.

3. In fact, what does David Wolfe know about wilderness survival? How could anyone survive all winter in any temperate region on fruits and vegetables when they are not in season? You would have to survive on animal foods. Wilderness survival expert Tom Brown, Jr. says in his book that you can't survive on raw plant foods alone, because some of them must be cooked to be edible. Also, animal foods have more nutrient and calorie density, which may not mean much to some fat slob sitting in front of his/her computer all the time, but when you are burning major calories in nature, it matters a lot.

4. Raw animal foods are tasty. Ever try sushi? Vegetarianism is the cultural and/or religious restraint of the natural diet to only those foods that supposedly bring spiritual enlightenment, or squelch sexual desire - which happens as a result of nutrient deficiency, btw.

5. Back too bugs: The reason some people don't want to eat them is becuase cultural conditioning. Many animals eat them. Try it, you might like it. Most insects should be cooked though. And the protein and fatty acids just may be what people need to help their brains function properly.

My answer to the David Wolfe argument is: Try to live on only fruits and vegetables that grow in a natural enviroment all year and you will see how ridiculous the whole thing is.


Also good points Spence.

Question... do you eat bugs personally?


Dhrumil Darling,

Thanks for your efforts in producing this fabulous blog. You are quite right that people eat all sorts of nasty things. Anything that comes in packaging is nasty in my book, but it isn't always possible to eat optimally. Not that I think a vegan diet is optimal. I feel from personal experience that a high raw omnivorous diet based on Paleolithic foods is most optimal for me. And an optimal diet is very unique to the individual, wouldn't you say?

Now, while I cannot accommodate you with photo of me eating bugs - never done that yet - I can offer a photo of my beautiful Silkie Bantam chickens. They eat the roaches, and I in turn eat their tasty, nutrient packed raw egg yolks (excellent salad dressing thickener). So maybe that counts?


Yo Dhrumil. I've eaten ants before when I was 6, but that was all.
Anyway you shoudnt eat bugs since they might have come from your neighbor's yard because they might have sprayed pesticides. But in a survival situation its different because chances are your miles from from the nearest house so you dont have to worry about bugs that aren't organic. I think someone should market organic bug snacks. What do you think?


Deanna, great photos of your chickens! Still wouldn't mind seeing a photo of maggot salad (j/k).

Spence, I heard the organic sector of the food industry is the fastest growin sector. You might just have a million dollar idea. Just don't expect me to a hands on product review on this blog =)

Thanks again guys for the really interesting dialogue. This is the internet at its best.


Deanna, why would you choose to eat other animals but not bugs if they are so natural to eat and obviously so abundant and free.

Everyone eats bugs weather they know it or not. They also come free with all organic food. However, when I find live ones that are large enough to see I watch them for a while and then set them free in the dirt. I have no need for them, and yes they are cool. I like bugs. Should I eat them, raw or well done? Should I become their friend? Should I join them? Yes, I think that's the one....


Natural arguments are dumb, because every situation and environment is different. If you can get an abundance of fruits and vegetables in some tropical jungle, why not eat what's available and not try to eat the way you would if you were in some desert 5,000 years prior or in the in the future, just because "if" you were in that situation you wouldn't have fruits and the same foods to eat. What is the point of hypotheticals? And why if when living in an environment with an abundance of any type of food, try to eat and mimic as though you are in a different environment with a different set of diet choices? There are thousands of what ifs.... If you're in a survival situation you will do what you must. If you're in a situation of limited choices you will adapt to that situation. But just trying to be "natural" for just the sake of it is just a fanatical religion in itself.

David Wolfe eats and sells Bee Pollen too, so that's weird....

David Wolfe TALKS OUT OF HIS ASS! He just want's you to go to his store and buy his products which are over-priced.


Say what you will, but David Wolfe will always be my home boy.


Hey Kari, in a tropical jungle, it's the bugs who eat you, not the other way around. It's a lot more dangerous to live in a jungle. Water diseases, malaria carrying mosquitos and all those other fun problems abound. If you want to make friends with those bugs, go ahead, but it might not be mutual.


Spence, it was a joke about the bugs. I do like bugs, but certainly not all of them, and certainly not on me. I don't like to eat them either though, although if I had to I guess I might. I wouldn't know until I was in that situation, which I don't foresee happening.

What I meant about the jungle, is that if you have an abundance of fruit somewhere or other plant matter, what good is it to think about eating in a way that you would in a different environment. Just enjoy the fruits and plants. If that's not available in your situation or environment then think of alternatives and what's available. But here in the modern world and cities, we do have the choices of an abundance of plant foods to eat and enjoy. So I don't really care that in some harsh situations if I was living in the middle of the Australian Outback say, that I couldn't be vegan then. How is that relavent to the fact that I can be vegan and not have to eat bugs and other animals in the city I live in. As far as those hypothetical arguements. I agree though that "natural" is totally relative. We are the most adaptive animal I know of. To climates and food changes.

Jack Highlander

Wow, I can't believe this whole discussion, considering that now David Wolfe eats ants himself for vitamin B12 - search David Wolfe & B12 on youtube.


David Wolfe - Raw Foods and Smoothies on youtube

Wolfe now preaches to the heavens the greatness of Honey. I understand people's understandings develop and evolve, but what does this say about his current understanding that he preaches as has always been the case, he preaches as God's word. There is a certain level of skepticism necessary here. Obviously, there's an abundance to learn as well.

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