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Bugs are cool, but not food

These bugs are cool, (via 37signals).

I can't even imagine that there are people out there that would want to eat them! Hah, that kinda reminds me of this interview done with David Wolfe a few years back:

Bob Avery: But don't all primates eat insects, including all of homo sapiens' progenitors? They are even eaten to this day in many human societies.

David Wolfe: Many primates eat their own feces too. Soon. We'll have people claiming we need to eat our own feces to be healthy! The fact that we are naturally averse to eating bugs speaks strongly. We have a natural biological design for certain types of foods (raw fruits and vegetables). If we want to actualize our true potential we need to obey that design--this is Nature's First Law

Bob Avery: Is there a legitimate place for any animal foods at all in the human dietary--eggs, milk, honey, bee pollen?

Daivd Wolfe: Well, here's the test. What foods are we naturally attracted to? Out in Nature foraging, what do we desire to eat? Bugs? People are averse to eating bugs intuitively and have to actually force themselves to do it. Eggs? Raw eggs taste horrible and why eat them anyway?! Bee pollen? Try and get the bee pollen naturally and see what happens! My answer to the animal food issue is that when you try to eat them naturally, you realize how ridiculous the whole thing is.