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My experiences with Cacao Powder

RawcacaopowderNote: I changed the title of this post because it was stupid and instigating. My apologies

I love cacao powder, but through my first hand experience, I've learned to use it only sparingly and in small quantities.

A few months ago I made a killer "Hot Chocolate" drink using raw cacao powder, raw coconut butter, raw agave, raw cashew butter, organic vanilla beans, and warm water - all blended together. The drink was soooooooo good. One of the problems though, was that it was too good. I ended up drinking 5 cups of this hot chocolate in a very short amount of time.

After about 30 minutes, I started to notice my body getting significantly warmer, and after about 1 hour, my heart was beating extremely fast.

At first I was slightly worried and thought to myself, "WTF is going on?" After about 10 minutes of my heart beating at lightning speed, I started to cool down and then went online looking for some more information on cacao. I stumbled upon this article about cacao by Frederic Patenaude:

The fact is that what people actually confuse with "alertness" is actually an adrenal response to the stress that the body has to deal with when eliminating the toxins found in cacao beans. What you get is NOT energy. What you experience as energy is actually your body working hard to establish balance (homeostasis) again! It's like whipping a horse. Eventually, it will fall down.

I don't feel exactly the way Frederic says he does in the article, (not because I'm smarter), but I do notice that eating large amounts of cacao has a very "coffee" like effect on my body....as described above.

There is idea in the world of raw food that just because something is marketed & labeled as "raw", that one can eat it in any quantity that they desire. Not true. And because raw cacao powder is so convenient and great tasting, it is easy to overload on.

I enjoy the product, and will continue to use it, but you won't see me downing large amounts of my "hot chocolate" any time soon.