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Faithful embrace Bible-based diet


The Rev. Brenda Lee Reed and Dr. Kurt Butler, right center holding hands, bless the food and gathering with prayer as they host a raw foods group meeting at the Genesis Healing Center in Lascassas.

Faithful embrace Bible-based diet as formula for health, healing

The Rev. Brenda Lee Reed won't preach to you about heaven, hell, sin or salvation, but she has a lot to say about the foods we eat and the unhealthy lifestyle many Americans lead.

"My philosophy is really simple and basic," she says. "Genesis 1:29. What God gave us in the beginning: Fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains. He created our bodies to heal and to be healthy."

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I was in attendance at this "Bible Based" raw food meeting last saturday. I was surprised to see there was a newspaper write up of it. I went as a member of the Nashville Raw food meetup, but most of the people there were not from that group. I think most of the people had heard about it from churches and whatnot, and the way the meeting was conducted made me very uncomfortable. We had to pray over the food in a very christian way, and the insistance that eating raw food because the bible says so is just rediculous to me. Eating raw food is good for you, yes... but the bible doesn't say anything about it. The bible talks about BREAD, fish, locusts, honey...

Since moving to Nashville and discovering the raw food community here is predominantly christian, I have found myself in a strange position. I am not religious at all whereas most of these people are, yet raw food is important to all of us and we need to support eachother. In fact, my best raw friend here is a wonderful christian woman... however, she has never made me feel uncomfortable like I felt at this potluck(which was not advertised as a "bible based" food gathering to our raw food group. I just thought it was going to be a normal raw potluck). So, a challenge to community building as it is that raw foodists seem to either be ultra progressive yoga types or fundamentalist christians, I think it is probably good for all of us to try and forge relationships with people of different mindsets and work together in ways that we can.

However, I don't think I will be attending any more potlucks held at Brenda Lee's center. Aside from the pushy christian agenda, she also is a very aggressive business woman. She was trying to plug all of her colonic services and bottles of supplements to no end. She also has a chef that will made food for cost if people don't want to bring something. So her chef made a big brocoli/raisin salad. After not being able to figure out what kind of raw nut butter the dressing was made out of, I asked him... and he told me it was Nayonaise! I thought it was safe to assume things made by the chef at a so called raw retreat center would be raw, but apparantly not. And then they either threw away all the leftovers or stole them(and there were lots) when we were listening to the lecture, which was the one saving grace of the day because the guest speaker was wonderful. Then they had the nerve to expect us to act appreciative for washing and drying all the tupperware after they threw away or stole all the leftovers.

I'm sorry vent so much about my experience here, but even after ranting to all my friends about it for the last few days, I am still not over it. I am not normally the type to dwell on the negative, but I just had such a bad experience at this potluck, and it drives me crazy that all the reviews for it in that newspaper article and on the raw meetup site have been glowingly positive except for mine and one other who was also offended by the christian agenda pushing.

On a positive note, I LOVE this blog!!! It's fabulous!

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi


God also says in Genesis 9:3 that everything that lives and moves is given to us for food!

Cynthia Zirkwitz

I am also a raw vegan (about 70%) Christian! Anyone want to twitter with me at http://twitter.com/healthiacynthia is most welcome!

Laura Brogdon

D. mentioned he didn't like the "Christian" agenda. Please know that many believers also have had uncomfortable moments in raw food communities where Buddhism and other eastern belief systems were "pushed." However, I have never felt anything was wrong with that at all. I enjoyed the lovely people and respected their beliefs and learned what I could. Then I found a Christian-based group that more suited me. That is what you should do instead of criticizing this group who was hospitable enough to have you in their midst. I do really hope you find a group that matches your beliefs as well. God bless!


Raw foods and Christianity contradict eachother. You're either one or the other. How come Jesus never preached that ultimate health and longevity can be acheived by eating raw foods? He only talked about sin and the kingdom of Heaven and fed fish and bread to the hungry, instead of raw vegetables and fruits and nuts. He healed the 'demon-possessed' which nowadays refers to the intellectually dis-advantaged. Instead, why did He not preach that man should go 'back to the Garden of Eden' and if everyone did so, then, there will be no more 'deformed'(demon-possessed) births, and sin would be extinguished, as all mankind will live long and fulfilled lives free of sin by living close to Nature.


I am a Christian raw foodist, and just wanted to comment that raw foods are mentioned in the Bible:

Genesis 1:29 says, "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."

While Jesus and others mentioned in the Bible did eat other cooked foods, including meat, the food back then was not like the food we have today, grown in depleted soils with chemicals, hormones, etc. Today, our world, and the food it produces, is radical. Perhaps that is why our bodies are so helped by taking what some would call a radical approach to eating, by going totally raw.


I just wanted to share that there are plenty of verses about food in the Bible.


God has also shown His amazing love for us in the way foods are created to resemble organs and tissue matter in our bodies:


I also have to say, I have attended some raw food gatherings where I have felt uncomfortable because others think it is all energy and universal powers but that doesn't mean we can't all appreciate the differences we have and the common interest for raw foods :)

God Bless Brothers and Sisters!


I understand the whole raw food concept and totally agree with the healthiness of this lifestyle choice, especially with the organic foods, but there is one thing that I found while reading the Bible the other day. While I've seen many proponents of raw food stating that it's the Biblical way of eating, the truth is that G_d gave us 'all' living things to eat, as seen in Genesis 9:1-4

Originally, He gave us the plants as food...just saying that it's incorrect to state that it's the only way we should be eating, according to the Bible and could become a false witness of the truth.

Personally, I am attempting to have a mainly raw food eating style due to its health benefits.


I meant to add that I like to read different versions of the Bible, i.e. Amplified, NIV, NKJV, The Message and more. Biblegateway.com is a great site to see the same verses and look them up in different versions, too.


We are responsible as stewards of the earth for what we know. Also, we are responsible for the wise use of technology, information and mobility. Eating vegan is a no brainer from that perspective. Anyone reading this post likely has access to all the plant based nutrients needed for good health. Death of animals (animals we are stewards of) is not necessary for life of humans.

As to raw, God describes Himself as light and power among other things. Food definitely has more energy bound within it prior to cooking. And, at the atomic level, we are energy. It just seems so incredibly basic to preserve the integrity of our food, including the electrical/living/ionic integrity.

Respect is Key,

Pete Kruse

People who say that raw foodists can't be Christians are idiots. Sorry I just get so frustrated with fundamentalists who hate science and discourage others from appreciating and practicing healthy habits. The Bible speaks AGAINST gluttonous eaters of meat. And though the Bible is not a health nook, we should not discard all health books! Man some people would go back to flat earth beliefs if they could I think, simply because the Bible justifies it...


These people are Christians because they believe in Christ and they also believe the many quotes regarding health in the Bible. They have simply taken the most healthful route, so what! The Bible does say to treat your body well and keep it clean in mind, body and spirit. These people are doing a great thing, bless them for what they are doing and support them instead of looking for an excuse to condemn those who don't have the same beliefs. Frankly I think Christians need to be more tolerant of each other and learn from each other as well as from God.


i am working on creating a website with devotionals and educational information, geared toward Christians who want to eat healthier. i eat a low-fat raw vegan diet. for those who have commented or are reading, please check it out--would love your feedback! thanks! www.healthyskinnybeautiful.com


I find many of these comments very childish and ignorant. Personal beliefs are just that, personal beliefs. I love the raw food diet and I am Christian so if that makes people hate me, so be it. I am at the age that I'm not concerned anymore about what others think of me. We really should be more about helping one another find optimal health than condemning one another.

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